Free Agent Gordon Hayward agreed to a 4-year deal with the Charlotte Hornets

Was This a Worthwhile Signing for the Charlotte Hornets? The Charlotte Hornets announced recently that the team acquired forward Gordon Hayward, a 2023 and a 2024 second round pick from the Boston Celtics, in exchange for a protected 2022 second round pick. Big signing for Michael Jordan’s team, for sure, if they manage to bring […]

Sportsbook Services You Need to Understand

Stay on Top of Sportsbook Services Sportsbook services are something you must stay on top of if you want to start a career in the sports betting industry. You should understand the various ways someone can start a sportsbook. There are a few ways with varying requirements and costs. The first thing to understand is […]

Virtual Casino Games, the New Reality

More Players Turning to Virtual Casino Games Virtual casino games have become a way of life for bookies in this new way of life! COVID-19 came along last March and shut our lives down. What did bookies do? They responded with a vengeance and latched onto what works, the pay per head. What the PPH […]

Leaders on Pay Per Head Solutions

What Can Your Pay Per Head Do For You? The pay per head… What can it do for you? Can it do anything in these weird times? In short, YES IT CAN. The pay per head is offering wide open solutions for thousands of bookies that are looking for answers in the middle of COVID. […]

Is Live Casino for You?

A Live Casino Can be Profitable for Bookmakers What do people think of a Live Casino? Bookies are looking for every and any advantage they can find and in these times; they are desperate. We have some good news, there is no reason for desperation and there is a lot of money to be made […]

Bookie Services That You Must Look For

You Must Have Proper Bookie Services to Succeed Today’s fast-paced world demands that you be in the know and up to speed with the latest and greatest technology. Bookie Services are a must. While technology may be a good thing, how does it help you, the local bookie? Forget about technology for a minute and […]

Who Will Sign Cam Newton?

Is Cam Newton Too Damaged to Take a Chance? Former NFL MVP Cam Newton is a free agent! Who will sign him? Is Cam Newton too damaged physically and mentally for anyone of consequence to touch him? The Panthers decided to move on from Newton after nine seasons. He is clearly the best player in […]

It’s Time to Adjust the Odds

When to Adjust the Odds? All bookies go through their ups and downs. This business can be volatile and you must be prepared to Adjust the Odds. Making the proper adjustments when necessary is not an easy thing to do. Possibly, you are a local bookie that’s looking to expand, to find an online presence […]

Where can you Find PayPerHead Free Trials?

Free Trials at a PayPerHead are a Good Tool A payperhead free trial is a great way to start in the bookmaking business. The PPH gives you an instant online presence and the best part, you pay nothing now. All you need to do is call the PPH and tell them what you want. The […]

Bookmakers Can’t Control the Outcome of Sporting Events

Many People Think Bookmakers the Power to do Anything in Sports Bookmakers can control who bets on what events and what limits to set. There is a new sheriff in town, and it’s called the pay per head. Maybe you know all about it or maybe you have never heard of a PPH.  There are […]