Big weekend Series – Astros vs. Athletics

Oakland Athletics

By: The Frisco Kid

Athletics Are not Going Away — Astros in Sights

The Oakland Athletics are on a mission and that is to win the AL West. The way in which the A’s started this season was nothing special, but this team has battled back. They are going to be a big problem for the Astros.

Honestly, the Astros want nothing to do with this series. This could be the straw that breaks the camels back. What has happened to the Astros? Who really knows? This team is a mystery for sure.

The World Champions are still the World Champions. It would be a mistake to give up on them completely. One thing we know, is this is not the same Astros team that the entire world fell in love with less than a year ago. This team has fallen and fallen rather quickly.

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The A’s are proving that they are a good investment. Don’t look any further if you are looking for a great team to bet on right now. These guys just might be the real deal. They are hitting well, they are pitching superb and they are playing great defense.

Bob Melvin has this team tuned up and ready for whatever adversary comes there way.

The 2018 MLB season is winding down and it is going to be exciting.  Whatever team feels the most motivated may have the best mojo down the stretch. Those types of teams are going to come out on top of their division.

The A’s certainly aren’t the only upstarts making things happen right now. Although they may be the most fun to watch.

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The Dodgers must take advantage of a great opportunity this weekend is Seattle. The Mariners have been a team of mystery all season long and it looks like they are finally pooping out.

Just when they look unstoppable and sweep the Astros they take a big dive in Oakland. They are struggling to keep their heads above water.

The Dodgers had better step up their game is they want to win the NL West.

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On the other side of the country, the Boston Red Sox look like the team to beat in all of baseball. What they are doing is record setting and they will be a force come playoff time.

The Yankees are out of this race. The weekend series with the Rays could be interesting. Do the Red Sox keep up the pace and try to set their own record for wins? What about the Major League record for most wins in a season? Anything is possible with this team.

You can bet (pun intended) they will challenge 116 wins in a season.

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This year has been a great one in baseball and the division races are heating up. No matter who you root for one thing is very clear, uncertainty is abound! Well, beyond the Red Sox! The Red Sox are a much better team then the Yankees and they will easily win the division.

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The team to beat in the west right now is the Oakland A’s. Call your favorite online bookmaker and get in for some late season baseball. It’s simply too good to pass up.


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