2023-24 NBA Championship Odds to Win

Updated Odds to win the 2023-24 NBA Championship The NBA is back after some blockbuster trades and exciting aspects that took place in the offseason. The odds to win the NBA Championship Trophy for 2023-24 have been updated.The odds to win the NBA championship are always a hot topic of discussion for sports bettors. So […]

Denver Nuggets One Win Away from NBA Championship Glory in 2023

Denver Nuggets Look to Put Away Miami Heat for 1st NBA Championship The Denver Nuggets find themselves in a commanding position, just one victory away from ending their 47-year NBA championship drought. The Nuggets are favored with a spread of -9 points and a moneyline of -410. On the other hand, the Miami Heat face […]

NBA Playoff Odds, Kentucky Derby First & Last Contest & 10% Bitcoin Boost!

NBA Playoffs, 149th Kentucky Derby Contest and Bitcoin Boost!! What is Not to Like The 149th running of the Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend. It possibly could be a very wet race depending on how the weather tracks over the next couple of days and it looks like this race is up for […]

2021-2022 NBA Season Odds & Most Bet Prop Bets

Some Interesting Bets Being Made for the 2021-2022 NBA Season Who are the bettors backing for the NBA Championship? Is Luka Doncic the true favorite for MVP, according to the gamblers? Are the Hawks undervalued in terms of projected victories? Those questions and more are answered below via current NBA betting percentages from BetOnline for […]

Odds to win the 2020-21 NBA Championship

Will Their be Surprises for 2020-21 NBA Championship The NBA season is back and so are our Handicapper Hideaway basketball betting articles. The 2020-21 NBA Championship Odds are out. It seems just yesterday we were seeing the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the bubble, and now we have already completed the draft, […]

Updated Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship, Conference Championships, and MVP Award

          Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship Golden State Warriors 7/2 Cleveland Cavaliers 15/4 San Antonio Spurs 7/1 Atlanta Hawks 15/2 Chicago Bulls 17/2 Dallas Mavericks 12/1 Los Angeles Clippers 12/1 Memphis Grizzlies 12/1 Oklahoma City Thunder 16/1 Houston Rockets 18/1 Toronto Raptors 20/1 Portland Trailblazers 25/1 Washington Wizards 28/1 Miami […]

Updated Odds to Win the 2014-15 NBA Championship, Conference Championships & Division Titles

        Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship Cleveland Cavaliers 5/2 San Antonio Spurs 15/4 Chicago Bulls 6/1 Oklahoma City Thunder 7/1 Los Angeles Clippers 17/2 Dallas Mavericks 16/1 Golden State Warriors 16/1 Houston Rockets 22/1 Washington Wizards 33/1 Portland Trailblazers 40/1 Memphis Grizzlies 50/1 Miami Heat 50/1 New York Knicks 50/1 Toronto […]

2014-15 NBA Player Props by Team

        Atlanta Hawks Season Player Props 2014-2015 Regular Season – Total Points – Al Horford Over/Under 18 2014-2015 Regular Season – Total Rebounds – Al Horford Over/Under 9 2014-2015 Regular Season – Total Points – Paul Millsap Over/Under 17½ 2014-2015 Regular Season – Total Rebounds – Paul Millsap Over/Under 8½ 2014-2015 Regular […]

2014-15 NBA Player and Misc. Prop Bets

          Will Rajon Rondo get traded during the 2014-2015 Season? Yes -175 No +125 Will the Brooklyn Nets be sold during the 2014-2015 Regular Season? Yes +400 No -600 Will Kevin Garnett Play in an NBA game in the 2015-2016 Season? Yes +125 No -175 Who will start more games? Anderson […]