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Sportsbook Reports on Kieran Tierney Deal

Finally, Arsenal and Celtic agreed to a Kieran Tierney deal. The former already got two bids rejected. However, it looks like the two sides have come to an agreement. The 22-year-old will have a medical and discuss terms of the contract in time before the closing of the transfer window.

Tierney last played for Celtic on May 4 because of an injury. After the team’s 1-1 draw to Cluj in the Champions League, Celtic manager Neil Lennon told sportsbook pay per head reviews sites that he didn’t know anything about the Kieran Tierney deal. However, he wishes him the best no matter what happens. Tierney didn’t play in the match.

According to the stats gathered by PPH service analysts, Tierney only played nine games this year. In addition, he had double hernia surgery in summer. He won four league titles with Celtic. He also played for teams that won two League Cups and two Scottish Cups.

Kieran Tierney Deal

Sportsbook Reports On Kieran Tierney Deal

Scott Brown, the Celtic captain, told soccer news sites that the team was interested in Tierney. The team will miss him if he went away. He made the statement before the Kieran Tierney deal became final.

The move is ideal for Tierney. He has already made a name in Celtic. In fact, moving to Arsenal allows him to do something in the Premier League and Europe. It is a good way to advance his career.

However, Tierney needs to get fit first. However, experts don’t see any problems for Tierney when it comes to fitting into his new team. For years, Arsenal tried to get the Scottish player. Finally, the team managed to have their man.

Although he still needs to undergo a medical, it is just a formality. In fact, both sides already agreed to a deal according to sources of the best software for online sportsbooks.

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