Sportsbook Improves Raiders Odds after Brown Trade

The Raiders acquired wide receiver Antonio Brown Saturday night. As a result, your favorite sportsbook improves Raiders odds to win the Super Bowl next season. However, not everyone is expecting them to improve much from their previous season’s performance.

Some sports news analysts said the Raiders will probably win one or two games more than last season. In fact, improving their record is not hard considering they finished last in the AFC West with 4-12. Also, analysts stated the Raiders have no chance to win against the Chiefs nor the Chargers.

Antonio Brown signed a three-year deal with the Raiders worth $50.125 million. In addition, the Pittsburgh Steelers will get third and fifth round picks from the Raiders as part of the trade. Also, the NFL will process the trade on Wednesday, which is the start of the 2019 season of the league.

Sportsbook Improves Raiders Odds

Brown was the first one who announced the trade through his Instagram account. He posted an edited image of him wearing a Raiders jersey. However, signing up Brown was not an easy decision for the Raiders.

Sportsbook Improves Raiders Odds After Brown Trade

Brown skipped practices and a game to end the previous season. However, the Raiders needed a wide receiver and signing a free agent is not feasible. That’s why they traded for Brown. Although they already have Brown, the team is still planning to sign a slot receiver.

After the Brown trade, the Raiders odds improved to 80-1 to win the Super Bowl. They also moved to 40-1 to become the AFC champions. Some sportsbook pay per head operators even offer better odds at 50-1 to win the Super Bowl.

A software sportsbook expert said adding Brown has little to no impact on the Raiders’ performance next season. He thinks the trade was in line for the team’s move to Las Vegas in 2020. That way the team has a star player when it becomes the Las Vegas Raiders.

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