Red Sox Looking to Dominate Yankees this Weekend

Red Sox Baseball

Red Sox and Yankees to be Slobber-knocker as Usual

The Red Sox dominated the Yankees on Thursday night in a 15-7 beat-down. Does this set the tone for this weekend series? If so does it set the tone for the way this race in the American League East plays out? Probably not!

Why not? It’s the Yankees and the Red Sox, that why!! These two have a larger history than any other teams in the majors. They love to play each other. They really get up for this rivalry. One never knows from night to night what might happen.

One can argue that this rivalry is not simply the biggest in baseball, it’s the biggest in sports.

If you want to have some fun this weekend be sure to not miss a single moment of this series. The even better news is that the bookies still have baseball bonuses.

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The Red Sox send Porcello to the hill with a 13-4 record. He will take on Severino who sits at 14-4.

Can the Red Sox bats continue to light it up? Do they have any foreseeable shot at winning this game? Of course, they do! It’s Friday night baseball at Fenway. The Yankees could trot out Nolan Ryan and the Sox would still have a chance. These kinds of matchups are what make this series great.

Since the beginning of the American League, this is what has made this rivalry such a great one to follow. It matters not who is pitching.

The bookies should set this game at even odds. At the time of writing, the odds were Yankees -127. Now, this is not a big number and most Yankees fans will gladly pay .27 cents in juice.

It even seems like a great deal, but it’s not a great deal. Porcello is just as capable of having a great night as is Severino.

Ask yourself these questions for this weekend series between the Yankees and Red Sox:

  • Who’s bats do you trust more in this series?
  • What skipper do you believe in more to make the right moves and the right calls?
  • Who’s bullpen do you believe in more.
  • Beyond Severino, who do you believe in more; the Yankees rotation or the Red Sox?
  • Is there such a things as home field advantage and if so does it even matter in this series?

Now, let us answer for you:

  • The Red Sox are hitting .268 as a team, that’s first in the majors. The Yankees are hitting .257, not that far off the mark.
  • Alex Cora has pulled all of the right strings this year. He looks like a genius, better yet, he looks like Joe Torre! Cora really does have command of this ship. He makes all the right moves and this squad of Red Sox is clicking on all cylinders. When someone gets hurt, it “next man up”. They find ways to win, they find ways to overcome and they are relentless. It all starts at the top with Cora.
  • 50/50, a slight edge going to the Red Sox. They have the edge in the 9th and the edge in the middle with 22-16 holds.
  • The Red Sox rotation is a beast and they are better than what the Yankees have going. This is simply a fact and it can’t be disputed. Sale 11 wins, Rodriguez 11 wins, Price 11 wins, Porcello 13 wins and Kimbrell 33 saves.
  • In baseball, the home field advantage is nothing like other sports such as football. It does exist on some level and it is certainly ramped up come playoff time but not regular season. This series is an exception to any kind of home field advantage. The Yankees could sweep the Red Sox in Boston and the Sox could do the same in the Bronx. Both teams get up for this rivalry and they will give everything they have to win.


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Don’t miss Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss one moment of each game. This is going to be fun and the Yankees must win every game.

The pressure is on them, not the Red Sox. If you like to bet and you like baseball action, then this is the series for you. Call your best online bookie and get in for this one. It’s going to be a series to remember and could be one for the ages!


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