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PricePerPlayer.com Enters Agreement to Partner with Bwager.com

PricePerPlayer.com Enters Agreement to Partner with Bwager.com

San Jose, Costa Rica – Software Development and pay per head service provider, PricePerPlayer, just entered a partnership deal with Bwager.com. Bwager.com is a sports betting development company based out of the Philippines with branches in Costa Rica and Panama.

Priceperplayer The partnership was created so that PricePerPlayer would be able to offer a wider array of gambling software platforms. These platforms would have increased security measures.

Bwager.com would now be able to offer Sportsbook Pay Per head services to its clients.

Some of the main details of this partnership include PricePerPlayer.com acquiring 35% ownership of Bwager.com. It would have full access to its current gambling platforms. The partnership allows for joint project development.

Bwager.com in exchange will receive full access and development rights to the PricePerPlayer pay per head software technology.

“In the past 12 months, “said Henry Sulat, the head programmer for Bwager.com, “we began receiving an overwhelming amount of request from bookies who wanted to use our software in the form of a pay per head service. Even though we wanted to assist all of these companies, we just did not have the resources or the technology to offer that type of services.”

PricePerPlayer and Bwager know This is a Win-Win

The decision for PricePerPlayer to pick Bwager.com as a junior partner was an easy choice. They have an excellent reputation around the world for quality and dependability. Bwager.com was also looking for a partner to expand into the Bookie Pay Per Head market. This made the marriage of these two companies perfect.

February of 2018 is the target date for the integration to be completed. This will include the integration of sports betting platforms, policies and employee exchange. Lindsay White, the Vice President of Bwager.com, and Josh Ingram of PricePerPlayer, will be handling the integraion.

“We are happy to have found such a great partner with PricePerPlayer, “said Mr. Belarmino of Bwager.com, “PricePerPlayer has an excellent reputation in the gambling industry and I am certain that our partnership will bring about a long bout of prosperity for all of us.  In addition, they offer an affordable pay per head service which really helps people who want to have a sports betting operation and need to estimate how much money to be a bookie in terms of estimating real cost”


Company Details of PricePerPlayer and Bwager.com

PricePerPlayer.com is a software development company that specializes in gambling platforms and pay per head services. PricePerPlayer.com located and licensed in Costa Rica and backed by over 75 years of combined experience in the gambling software industry. Visit www.priceperplayer.com or e-mail us at cs@priceperplayer.com for more information.

Bwager.com is a sports betting development company that offers off the shelf and tailor made gambling software to clients on an international basis. The company is currently licensed in the Philippines. Branches of the company are in Costa Rica, the U.S. and Panama. Visit www.bwager.com or email them at info@bwager.com for more information

Safe Harbor Statement: Statements in this announcement that are not strictly historical may be “forward-looking” statements, which involve risks and uncertainties. These include risks and uncertainties relating to customer and supplier relationships and prices, competition, market demand, litigation and other contingent liabilities, the integration and operation of acquired businesses, and economic, political, governmental and technological factors affecting PricePerPlayer.com’s operations, markets, products, services and prices, among others, as set forth in public filing.

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