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“It would have been a real shame if there was no NHL season since even though hockey betting represents less than 10% of the action we take in a year, it was one of our highest growing sports from 2011 to 2012 with over 100% growth.  We offer quite a wide variety of game lines, props, futures and have expanded out live betting team in order to accommodate this growth and it is going to get even busier here real soon.”

Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager Bovada.lv


Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup   

Pittsburgh Penguins                   8/1

New York Rangers                  17/2

Vancouver Canucks                 9/1

Los Angeles Kings                    12/1

Philadelphia Flyers                    12/1

Chicago Blackhawks                14/1

Boston Bruins                           16/1

Detroit Red Wings                    16/1

St. Louis Blues                         16/1

Minnesota Wild                        18/1

San Jose Sharks                       20/1

Carolina Hurricanes                  22/1

Washington Capitals                 22/1

Buffalo Sabres                          25/1

Edmonton Oilers                       25/1

Nashville Predators                   28/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                28/1

Montreal Canadiens                  30/1

New Jersey Devils                    30/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                30/1

Anaheim Ducks                        40/1

Colorado Avalanche                 40/1

Dallas Stars                              40/1

Florida Panthers                       40/1

Ottawa Senators                       40/1

Phoenix Coyotes                      40/1

Calgary Flames                         50/1

Winnipeg Jets                           50/1

New York Islanders                 66/1

Columbus Blue Jackets             100/1


Odds to win the 2013 NHL Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins                   4/1

New York Rangers                  19/4

Philadelphia Flyers                    7/1

Boston Bruins                           15/2

Carolina Hurricanes                  11/1

Buffalo Sabres                          12/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                12/1

Washington Capitals                 12/1

New Jersey Devils                    15/1

Montreal Canadiens                  16/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                16/1

Florida Panthers                       20/1

Ottawa Senators                       20/1

Winnipeg Jets                           28/1

New York Islanders                 33/1


Odds to win the 2013 NHL Western Conference  

Vancouver Canucks                 9/2

Chicago Blackhawks                6/1

Los Angeles Kings                    6/1

St. Louis Blues                         7/1

Detroit Red Wings                    15/2

Minnesota Wild                        9/1

San Jose Sharks                       12/1

Edmonton Oilers                       14/1

Nashville Predators                   14/1

Anaheim Ducks                        18/1

Dallas Stars                              20/1

Phoenix Coyotes                      20/1

Colorado Avalanche                 22/1

Calgary Flames                         28/1

Columbus Blue Jackets             50/1

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