2013 NHL Prop Bets on Individual Player Stats

          2013 NHL Individual Player Stats   NHL 2013 Regular Season – Total Points – Jarome Iginla (CAL) Over/Under                                       40½   NHL 2013 Regular Season – Total Points – Mike Cammalleri (CAL) Over/Under                                       31½   NHL 2013 Regular Season – Total Points – Jiri Hudler (CAL) Over/Under                                       27½   NHL 2013 […]

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Futures, Division Champion, Team Props, and Award Winners

        2013 Stanley Cup      New York Rangers                 8/1 Pittsburgh Penguins                8/1 Vancouver Canucks                10/1 Los Angeles Kings                  12/1 Boston Bruins                         14/1 Chicago Blackhawks              14/1 Philadelphia Flyers                  14/1 St. Louis Blues                        16/1 Detroit Red Wings                  18/1 Edmonton Oilers                     18/1 Minnesota Wild                      18/1 San Jose Sharks                       20/1 Carolina Hurricanes                22/1 Washington Capitals               25/1 Buffalo […]

NHL Betting: Rangers, Penguins Top NHL Futures

          The NHL is finally back and even though it’s only a shortened season, it’s going to be an action-packed one that bettors will really have to be on top of. Training camps are just around the corner and regular-season action is slated to start on January 19.   Get the […]

NHL 2013 Conference Championship Odds and Stanley Cup Odds

          “It would have been a real shame if there was no NHL season since even though hockey betting represents less than 10% of the action we take in a year, it was one of our highest growing sports from 2011 to 2012 with over 100% growth.  We offer quite a […]

Betting Preview For the Week of December 10th

          Week Preview   NFL Betting Preview: Bengals Prepare For Must-Win Versus Eagles On TNF   With the head-to-head tiebreaker belonging to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the battle for the final AFC Wild Card spot, the Cincinnati Bengals are ready for a must-win game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night […]

Week in Sports Gambling Preview: Week of Halloween has NBA, NFL, College Football and More NHL Cancellations

The Week in Sports Gambling in the NFL, College Football, and NBA The Sports Gambling Week Preview looks very promising. Games in the NFL, NBA, College Football, look like they have some clout. The NHL lockout continues. How long will the fans be patient before they refuse to go to hockey matches when the league […]

Sports Gambling Week Preview for First Week of October: MLB, NFL, College Football, and NHL

      Week Preview   MLB Sportsbook Preview: AL East Still Up For Grabs With Three To Play   After 159 games played for both teams, there is not one win to separate the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles heading in to the final week of the season. The Yankees and Orioles are […]

NHL Betting – Game Off for 2012-2013?

NHL Betting in Jeopardy Lockout is on Horizon For the sportsbook bettors that have not heard by now the NHL Lockout is coming and jeopardizing all NHL Betting for the season. The current NHL collective bargaining agreement expires  on September 15. The owners are prepared to lockout the players for what would be the third […]