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Come See How the Week 1 NFL Lines are Shaping Up

The NFL will kick off the 2021 season in fantastic fashion with the Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Bucs, which you can bet on right now at Sportsbetting.ag.

The Cowboys, which finally signed Dak Prescott to a long-term deal, are 6-point underdogs to Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champs in the marquee Week 1 matchup. Sportsbetting.ag has also posted Week 1 odds for the other 30 teams, including:

  • New Orleans Saints -2.5 vs. Green Bay Packers in the first game without Drew Brees
  • Kansas City Chiefs -6 vs. Cleveland Browns
  • L.A. Rams -7 vs. Chicago Bears

Bet the side, total and moneyline for every Week 1 game right now. Or browse our NFL futures odds to wager on teams to win the Super Bowl, win their division or win their conference. Are you taking a healthy Cowboys team as big early-season ’dogs, or are you betting on Brady to keep defying Father Time?

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2021-22 NFL Week One Early Lines

Thursday, Sep 09, 2021 – NFL Football Game
08:20 PM451Dallas Cowboys+6-105o+240oOv51½-115o
452Tampa Bay Buccaneers-6-115o-285oUn51½-105o
Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 – NFL Football Game
01:00 PM453Pittsburgh Steelers+6-105o+240oOv50-110o
454Buffalo Bills-6-115o-285oUn50-110o
01:00 PM455New York Jets+4-105o+185oOv43-110o
456Carolina Panthers-4-115o-215oUn43-110o
01:00 PM457Jacksonville Jaguars-2½-120o-155oOv45½-110o
458Houston Texans+2½+100o+135oUn45½-110o
01:00 PM459Arizona Cardinals+2-105o+115oOv51-110o
460Tennessee Titans-2-115o-135oUn51-110o
01:00 PM461Los Angeles Chargers-1-110oOv44½-110o
462Washington Football Team+1-110oUn44½-110o
01:00 PM463Philadelphia Eagles+3½-110o+175oOv48-110o
464Atlanta Falcons-3½-110o-205oUn48-110o
01:00 PM465Seattle Seahawks+2½-105o+120oOv51½-105o
466Indianapolis Colts-2½-115o-140oUn51½-115o
01:00 PM467Minnesota Vikings-3-110o-155oOv48-110o
468Cincinnati Bengals+3-110o+135oUn48-110o
01:00 PM469San Francisco 49ers-7½-110o-405oOv45½-110o
470Detroit Lions+7½-110o+325oUn45½-110o
04:25 PM471Cleveland Browns+6-110o+210oOv52½-110o
472Kansas City Chiefs-6-110o-250oUn52½-110o
04:25 PM473Miami Dolphins+2-110o+110oOv45-110o
474New England Patriots-2-110o-130oUn45-110o
04:25 PM475Denver Broncos-1-110o-115oOv42½-110o
476New York Giants+1-110o-105oUn42½-110o
04:25 PM477Green Bay Packers+2½-105o+125o
478New Orleans Saints-2½-115o-145o
08:15 PM481Baltimore Ravens-4-112o-215oOv51-110o
482Las Vegas Raiders+4-108o+185oUn51-110o
08:20 PM479Chicago Bears+7-110o+280oOv45-105o
480Los Angeles Rams-7-110o-350oUn45-115o
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Bet On Trevor Lawrence Rookie Interceptions

If you think Trevor Lawrence will throw for Over 12.5 INTs in his rookie season, you can place a bet at -130 odds.

Last year’s top rookie QBs Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa threw just 5 INTs, although they played in just 10 games. Russell Wilson and Jared Goff are among the QBs that threw for more than 12 INTs last season.

Sportsbetting.ag is offering season total Over/Unders on many of the highest-drafted rookies, so shop all the odds today.

Season Totals Trevor Lawrence INT’s
10:00 PM24005Over 12½ INT’s-130
24006Under 12½ INT’s-110
Season Totals Trevor Lawrence Passing Yards
10:00 PM24002Under 4050 Passing Yards-150
24001Over 4050 Passing Yards+110
Season Totals Trevor Lawrence Rushing TDs
10:00 PM24032Under 3½ Rushing TD’s-130
24031Over 3½ Rushing TD’s-110
Season Totals Trevor Lawrence Rushing Yards
10:00 PM24029Over 325 Rushing Yards-120
24030Under 325 Rushing Yards-120
Season Totals Trevor Lawrence TD Passes
10:00 PM24004Under 27 TD Passes-130
24003Over 27 TD Passes-110
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