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NBA Finals — Will the Warriors Sweep? Will the Cavs Recover?

The 2018 Nba Finals

Which One is Going to Happen in the NBA Finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are done in the NBA Finals. Stick a fork in this series it’s cooked! No they cannot recover!!!

Can they win game four is the question? Right now it looks like they can’t, but don’t count those chickens before they hatch. With LeBron James playing anything is possible. He is a great player on the planet. That goes without saying. The fact of the matter is he has been outsmarted in this series.

In the NBA brute strength does not always win and LeBron is living proof of this. He is probably the strongest and the toughest guy in the NBA. Lebron never gets hurt and he can a take a hit from anybody. He does take his hits, he takes a beating.

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LeBron needs to go to a different team. What James did for the Cavaliers was save them, pointblank end of story. He saved the franchise. This team was going nowhere and he came back home. He could have gone anywhere when his deal was up in Miami but he chose to come home. He brought home the hardware.

Now it’s time to think of a third team in his illustrious career. There are a few teams that are out of the question. One may be the Houston Rockets. LeBron is a “me” guy meaning that he has to be the man. There is only one man in Houston and everyone knows that it’s James Harden. These two could simply not coexist.

With CP3 maybe asking for a MAX deal to stay who knows?

The NBA Finals are under way and the Warriors once again look as if they are unstoppable

Although the Cav’s are the headline here, the real story is Kevin Durant. What this guy did to the Cavaliers was an epic performance ripped from the pages of Michael Jordan’s playbook. 43 points, 13 rebounds and a monster three pointer to take a four point lead. LeBron answered with a three of his own but it wasn’t enough.

The Cavaliers have a problem and a very big problem. You know it’s a problem for anyone when they hold Stephen Curry to 11 and Thompson to 10 but still lose the game. It’s the opposite of game one when LeBron scored 51 respectively and still lost.  What a debacle!

The early line for Friday’s matchup sets the Warriors as a -5.5 point favorite. The online bookies will vary from 5 -6. Be sure to check your favorite bookmaker for the latest odds, scores and stats. This series is doomed.

Do the Cavs Have any Heart?

The Cav’s act as if they have lost their heart. Kevin Love had another good game, but he isn’t enough. He will never be a game changer. He’s a great player but not a superstar. LeBron needs a superstar but can he coexist with one.

We talked about Harden and everyone will agree that LeBron and Harden would have a hard time playing together. The two are alpha males and it simply wouldn’t work.

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Here is the problem in game four. Nobody can stop Durant and when they slow him then Steph steps up or Thompson or Green. The Warriors not only have superstars of the game, they have a superstar mentality that says “we won’t be beat”.

Betting on this game will be a challenge. It would be smart move to stay away from the spread. LeBron will be looking for any edge that he can get and once again we say it. He will be tough to beat in Cleveland in game four. Is he beatable in game four? Absolutely he is.

The Warriors have proven this and they need to prove nothing more. Enjoy this one, it’s most likely LeBron’s last stand as a Cleveland Cavalier


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