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The online sports books did not give the New York Knicks much of a chance to make the playoffs this season, but the Knicks are ignoring the media. It is still very early in the season, but the Knicks remain as the league’s only undefeated team and it is not just by luck that the Knicks keep on winning. Fans should not misconstrue the Knicks’ winning streak as a sign that New York is playing like a well-oiled machine. The players still argue and there is still incidents of ball hogging that are becoming more and more evident. But the streak continues for New York as the weekend approaches.


It is in the nature of the online casino players to ask if the New York Knicks can maintain this kind of pace. Obviously, the Knicks are not going to finish the season undefeated. But it is a legitimate question to ask if the Knicks can keep this up and finish at the top of the Eastern Conference. The answer to that question is “probably not.”


For one thing, the Knicks have no depth. One injury to the starting five would be devastating for New York. Another reason that the Knicks will not keep this pace up is because of its inability to solve the internal issues with the players. Carmelo Anthony wants the ball and so does Amar’e Stoudemire. That internal conflict is what caused problems two years ago, and it will rear its ugly head at some point this season as well.


On the west coast, the future seems just as uncertain. The sports betting sites cannot help but wonder why the Los Angeles Lakers would hire Mike D’Antoni as its new head coach when legendary coach Phil Jackson obviously wanted the job. The Lakers can say what it wants, but some of this decision was money motivated. Phil Jackson wanted $10 million per year but was not going to coach all of the team’s road games. Mike D’Antoni was happy with $4 million per year and he would coach the All-Star Game if the Lakers asked him to.


Phil Jackson wanted partial ownership of the team and he also wanted to have a significant say in personnel decisions. The online betting experts are sure that Mike D’Antoni will have some kind of input into player moves, but the Buss family will get to keep control of its team with D’Antoni in charge.


From a basketball standpoint, the Lakers claimed that Jackson’s triangle offense would be too complicated to implement at this point in the season. When you consider the fact that at least two of the Lakers’ starters already knew the triangle, that logic is faulty. Mike D’Antoni knows offense, but his system is weak on defense.


Mike D’Antoni is a good coach, but saying that he was a better fit for the Lakers than Phil Jackson is just incorrect. The decision to bring in D’Antoni was driven by Jackson’s need for more money, more power and more input into how the organization was run. Now we will see if avoiding those headaches from Phil Jackson will be worth it for the Lakers.


Click here for more information on the Lakers and its new head coach.

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