Major US Sports Leagues and the Coronavirus

The first time an MLB game played in an empty stadium was in 2015 after civil unrest related to the death of an African-American while in police custody. It looks like it will happen again, and it is not just the MLB. Most major US sports leagues are thinking of holding games without spectators following the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Several NBA teams are considering playing in closed arenas as a last resort. The league sent a memo to prepare for games without fans. Also, the NBA wants only essential staff members to be in attendance for the games. Cancellations or postponement of games needs the approval of the league office.

Playing games without fans in attendance is a step sports leagues are looking into to slow down the spread of COVID-19. At present, the virus infected more than 90,000 people across the globe. It is not just sports organizations in the United States. The Italian government gave an order to hold sports events without spectators.

US Sports Leagues Join World in Fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Major Us Sports Leagues Considering Options Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Based on a Discount Pay Per Head report, the Swiss authorities banned gatherings of more than a thousand people. As a result, its national hockey league played in empty venues. Japan stepped up its efforts to prevent the spread of the virus. A major Japanese sumo wrestling spring tournament was held in a closed site for the first time in the history of the sport.

In the United States, amateur and professional sports leagues are not yet affected by the spread of the coronavirus. However, pro leagues prefer holding games without spectators instead of canceling them due to financial obligations according to gambling news.

When betting on sports, experts suggest doing it online instead of looking for retail locations where to bet on sports. That way, you will not get in contact with an infected person.

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