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Intertop Poker Promos — Turbo Gold Cards, Match And Win Gold Cards, and Special Free Rolls

Intertops Poker

Match & Win at Intertops Poker

Go for Gold and your hidden treasure with our Match & Win ANY SERIES game board at Intertops Poker. ANY SERIES of Gold Cards is eligible to win! It all starts September 8th and runs through October 7th.

This special Match&Win ANY SERIES offers instant and exclusive tournament tickets to cash prize pools of between $100 and $2500.

Check your Gold Cards for the chance to redeem them for tournament tickets! Simply click REDEEM if you have the Gold Card listed and you will find the tournament ticket automatically and instantly added to your account.

Series 2006 through 2014 are eligible to match as long as they were earned through real-money game play.

Remember, you have still got time to get some in your collection and you are eligible to earn Gold Cards while seated at any stake or level of our real-money ring games. In fact, you can earn a Gold Card even if you fold!

How it works:

Simply visit the Match&Win game board through the ‘Rewards’ tab on the top drop-down menu in the poker client. Select ‘Check Your Cards’ and we will tell you if you have made a match! Then it is up to you – by clicking ‘Redeem’, we will remove those Gold Cards from your personal collection and instantly reward you with a tournament ticket to the corresponding freeroll!

Cards Prize
Any 2 or 3 $100 Freeroll
Any 4 or 5 or (5 x any 2) or (5 x any 3) $200 Freeroll
Any 6 or 7 or (5 x any 4) or (5 x any 5) or (20 x any 2) or (20 x any 3) $300 Freeroll
Any 8 or 9 or (5 x any 6) or (5 x any 7) or (20 x any 4) or (20 x any 5) or (30 x any 2) or (30 x any 3) $400 Freeroll
Any 10, J, Q, K or A $2,500 Freeroll

Intertops Poker Match & Win Schedule

08. September
09. September $100 $300  
10. September $100 $400  
11. September $100    
12. September $100    
13. September $100 $200  
14. September $100    
15. September $100 $300  
16. September $100    
17. September $100    
18. September $100 $400  
19. September $100
20. September $100   $2,500
21. September $100    
22. September $100 $200  
23. September $100    
24. September $100    
25. September $100 $200  
26. September $100    
27. September $100 $2,500  
28. September $100 $400  
29. September $100 $300  
30. September $100    
01. October $100 $200  
02. October
03. October
04. October
05. October
06. October
07. October

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Gold Cards earned through real-money game play are eligible. Gold Cards purchased on the Exchange are not valid.
  • Gold Cards used to obtain a prize are considered ‘redeemed’ and therefore removed from player’s account.
  • Match&Win prizes that are not cash or bonus cash, are non-redeemable for cash value.
  • Match & Win prizes are non-transferrable.
  • Redeeming Gold Cards is only possible during the Match&Win game board’s ‘live’ times. Once the Match&Win promotion expires, no further prizes will be issued.
  • Management decisions are final.

Turbo Gold Cards

Intertops Poker is giving you 6 days of Turbo Gold Cards to coincide with the current Match & Win! Gold Cards will hit ring game tables at triple speed as per the schedule below.

Dates – October 1st to 6th.
Start – 12:00 AM GMT Wednesday, October 1st.
End – 12:00 AM GMT Monday, October 6th.

We always reward players simply for playing and all players are eligible to receive Gold Cards – even if they fold!

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Intertops is offering you 3 daily Freerolls and winners get the chance to grab their share of $1,300 GTD every week!
Extra Freerolls

GMT EST Date Name
6pm 2nd Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
19:00 2pm 7th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
00:00 7pm 8th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
19:00 2pm 14th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
00:00 7pm 15th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
19:00 2pm 21rd Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
00:00 7pm 22nd Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
23:00 6pm 23rd Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
19:00 7pm 28th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
00:00 2pm 29th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special
23:00 6pm 30th Oct. $250 Freeroll Special

Simply download our poker software and register a free account at Intertops.

Daily Freerolls are starting at 4:30 PM / 6:30 PM / and 8:30 PM EST

Those Freerolls award one of the following prizes:

  • 1st place: ticket for the Sunday $300
  • 2nd and 3rd place: tickets for the Saturday $200
  • 4th – 7th place: tickets for the Friday $100 Big Bounty
  • 8th – 15th place: tickets for the daily $100 Just one dollar

Details for these tournaments can be found in the tournament lobby once the tournaments are announced.

Attention for Intertops Poker:

Tournament tickets won through freerolls will automatically register you to that specific tournament if:

  1. The target tournament is already in the poker lobby (either announced or registering)
  2. You’re not already registered in a target tourney of that type.

If you do not wish to participate please make sure to unregister.

You won’t get auto registered if:

  1. The target tournament is not yet announced or registering on the poker client.
  2. The target tournament is already running (even if there’s late registration).

Terms and Conditions for Intertops Poker Freerolls:

  • Freerolls have a maximum amount of players allowed and this maximum amount of players cannot be exceeded. There will be neither compensation nor refunds for not registering in time, failing to unregister, loss of seat or not being able to take part.
  • Tournament tickets won in Freerolls cannot be exchanged nor refunded for cash.
  • Tournament tickets won in Freerolls automatically lose validity when the corresponding tournament/tournaments are changed or cancelled. These tickets will not be refunded.
  • Changes/cancellations of tournaments will be announced
  • 50% of the Freeroll cash winnings have to be turned over as gross rake, before a player is eligible to withdraw these funds.


Intertops poker room is one of the top online poker rooms. Get your 200% Bonus up to $1000.

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