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Impact of technology on video games

Right from the time, it became a thing video gaming was for the nerds. Even in the media, people who played video games were portrayed as introverts but with super-human tech skills. And in-line with the expectations, game developers all through the ages have managed to introduce new and more advanced technology to make video games bigger and better. What started with a console, gaming today doesn’t even need to be stored on a device. Better devices, mobile technology and cloud storage have revolutionized how we view and consume video games. Here is the impact of technology on how we derive entertainment from video games today:

The power of mobile technology

Even if you aren’t a gaming geek, you would have indulgent in one or more mobile games in recent years. Mobile technology has made our world more convenient and more compact. People don’t have to look further than their smartphones to access stuff, even entertainment. A number of video games that are popular today are available as apps.

You have an unlimited choice as to the type of game you want to play, whether you want to play it alone or against a bot or with your friends or with strangers online, etc. If you wish, you can use your smartphone to play blackjack online from anywhere and everywhere in the world. Mobile technology has provided people with this power to access video games on-the-go, thus bringing down the popularity of gaming consoles.

Streaming services for video games and the concept of e-sports

Streaming Services For Video Games And The Concept Of E-SportsStreaming services are a popular form of entertainment today. There are a number of pay-to-play video streaming services that offer monthly subscriptions to enjoy movies, videos and video content exclusively available on these platforms. Similarly, if you are interested, you can also stream video games these days.

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There are video game streaming platforms that allow players to live stream as they are playing the games and allow viewers to watch them playing. Using platforms like Twitch players stream themselves playing and discussing popular games, the gaming industry and even non-gaming related topics and opinions. The popularity of video game streaming has even resulted in the concept of e-sports.

Just like conventional sports, gaming companies and developers come together and host gaming tournaments which are then live-streamed for the pleasure of the global audiences. This has led to a new gaming niche called e-sports betting, which is also popular all over the world. Thus, there is now a new ecosystem that is flourishing just because of the concept of video game live streaming.

Cloud storage

Today multiplayer games are so popular. Developers are creating new worlds and new civilizations just for the gamers’ entertainment. These multiplayer games don’t need to be stored on devices and are available on the cloud. Hence, thousands of players from all the various corners of the world can access the game at once and play together on computers, laptops and even mobile devices. All you need to play the games is a device with a good internet connection.

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