How to Live Bet on NFL Games

Live Bet Nfl Games

More Gamblers Live Bet on NFL Games Than Ever Before

How to live bet NFL games. Live Betting on NFL, and even college games, is gaining popularity every year. There is an art to it, and there are many different strategies. Our introduction guide here will get you moving in the right direction. Once gamblers get the basics down they can tweak how they move forward.

Key Points

– Live betting NFL games offers bettors the opportunity to hedge their bets.

– Certain live bettings strategies have proven effective for NFL games.

A Live Bet on NFL Games Explained

Live betting is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of sports betting. It allows bettors to place wagers on games that are already in progress, as opposed to pre-game bets that are placed before the action begins. 

This provides a whole new level of excitement and intrigue, as live bettors can try to predict how a game will unfold in real-time. Live betting is particularly popular with NFL games, as there are so many potential outcomes that can change with every play. 

For example, a live bettor might decide to bet on which team will score the next touchdown, or whether the current drive will result in a field goal or turnover. The possibilities are endless, and live betting has quickly become one of the most popular ways to bet on football.


Advantages of making a Live Bet NFL Games

Because live betting is pretty new, the markets are still soft. They aren’t as efficient as the traditional markets like betting on the pregame point spread. Sportsbooks make most of their money on the traditional – moneyline, point spread, and totals – bets. That’s where their focus is.

As a result, bettors can find some great in-game betting action. It just requires a little knowledge, specifically knowing what to look for. Here’s an example when you live bet NFL games.

In an NFL game, the favorite scores a touchdown just before the half to make the score 21-7. This closing line showed the favorite laying 4.5 points (-4.5). The live betting line jumps to -7.5 with the new halftime score. 

The smart bettor has watched as the underdog has actually played pretty well. A couple of trips inside the favorite’s red zone netted no points. The live bettor wagers on the underdog at +7.5 believing that offense is eventually going to put the ball in the end zone. 

Let’s say the favorite still won but only by five points. The live bettor is a winner. He looks like a genius, which is another of the advantages of live betting. 

It’s also an advantage for bettors that miss a pregame bet for some reason. Even though a bettor missed the pregame bet, action can still be found on the via live line bets.

Live Betting NFL Games – Strategy

One of the most basic things an NFL live bettor can do is simply watch the game or games that you are betting on. If you aren’t watching, you shouldn’t be making in-game bets. It’s that simple.

Seeing a game live gives bettors information that can be used to place higher value bets. A bettor sees things that are invaluable when watching a game. Momentum shifts, player’s body language, and other more subtle things can be picked up and interpreted by a live bettor. This information can help in making smart betting decisions.

Looking for pregame favorites that are trailing early in a game is a popular strategy. In a lot of cases, sportsbooks will overreact to this happening. The same can be said for lines for NFL player props.

You might have the Rams as a 3-point favorite over the Seahawks. The Rams fall behind 14-0 at the half. The live betting line now shows the Rams +6.5. Los Angeles was favored for a reason. They were expected to win. Bettors can jump on the Rams to cover – a likely outcome – in this case. 

One of the most basic strategies for live betting – and sports betting in general – is to shop for the best live lines and odds. You shop for full game lines, why not do it for the first half bets? A live moneyline at +150 is great, but if you find it for +170 somewhere else you can make an extra $20 on a $100 bet.

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What Not to Do

There are plenty of advantages to live betting. There are some strategies that can be followed to help increase the number of winning bets. There are also a few things a live bettor should not do. Here are two great examples. 

  1. Don’t live bet too many games at one time. It’s hard enough keeping up with one game. Multiple games makes live betting even harder. Only do what you can handle.
  2. Live bets are not to be used to make up for bad bets or bad losses. Use in-game betting when there is value and an opportunity to make money. That’s it.

Live Betting NFL Games is Perfect for Hedging

Live betting offers the perfect way to hedge bets. Sometimes, bettors make some questionable pregame bets. In-game betting can help a bettor make up for a loss.

The 2018 AFC championship game is a great example of how live betting can hedge a pregame wager. 

Kansas City closed as a 3-point favorite over New England. Tom Brady and the Patriots scored a touchdown near the end of the first half and took a 14-0 lead into the locker room at halftime.

The live betting line flipped from the Chiefs -3 to the Chiefs +6.5. Smart bettors flocked to this line and hedged their pregame bet on Kansas City with another on the Chiefs to cover the 6.5

The pregame line flipped all the way from the Chiefs -3 to the Chiefs +6.5. The smart bettor jumped on this line and hedged that pre-game bet with one on the Chiefs at +6.5. 

The game would go to overtime and the Patriots would score a touchdown to win. However, since it was overtime, the extra-point was not necessary and bettors that took the Chiefs to cover the 6.5 were winners.


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