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How to Bet on NHL Totals

There are many ways to wager on NHL games. One of the most exciting options is to Bet on NHL totals. Furthermore, you can bet on individual game totals or for the entire season. Here’s sports handicapping guide on how to bet on NHL totals.

Single-game totals are one of the most thrilling wagers you can make on a nightly basis. Like other single-game totals wagers, you’ll bet on whether the consolidated score of the game is over or under the amount set by the sportsbook.

Risking everything ought never to be included in the ongoing environment of the NHL. There is so much expertise and scoring in the association that a blast over 5 or more can continuously bring you back into play, even late. Of course, this shouldn’t imply that over is consistently the right play. However, wagering on a high-scoring game increases the game’s entertainment value.

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Guide on How to Bet on NHL Totals

How To Bet On Nhl Totals

Hockey sportsbooks will set the totals line for a single game somewhere in between 5 and 7 total goals. After that, it depends on the teams playing and other factors that impact the final score. In addition, bookies add a half-point on their totals to guarantee there are no ties. Thus, if you wager on over 6.5, you’ll win if the total score is seven or above.

Aside from single-game totals, you can also wager on season totals. For example, you can bet on how many games the team will win and the team’s total points during the season. However, the total points are not the total goals scored by the team. Instead, it is the team’s points in the NHL ranking system. According to gambling software reviews, teams get two points for games won and a point for overtime games.

If you want to open an online bookie operation, make sure you learn how hockey totals work. Then, you’ll know when you need to adjust the totals to balance the lines.

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