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Greatest Casino Movies of All Times

Greatest Casino Movies

Greatest Casino Movies of All Time is a Hard List to Make

The Greatest Casino Movies of All Time? That is one that makes you scratch your head and you know you will leave some good ones off the list. Gambling and movies go hand in hand. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite heroes or heroines win millions through gambling? Since celluloid came into existence, there has been a long list of movies made on casinos and gambling. Some of the movies have achieved cult status.

From James Bond to the Godfather, there have been immense gambling themes and scenes across famous movies. If you are a gambling enthusiast as well a movie buff, you need to get an idea of some of the best movies that have been made about gambling.  Sit back and watch them and applaud the plot and acting!

Similar to casinos, movies trying to create an atmosphere full of charm and excitement. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people love watching gambling sequences in movies. Whether it has to do with no wagering slot games or some cool poker game, watching casinos in movies is absolute fun.

Here is a list of some of the great casino-based movies of all times. They have gained enough fame and name, thanks to the plot, acting and cinematic effects.

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Some of the all-time greatest casino movies that you should watch

Casino Royale: This James Bond movie is fully based on gambling. It is influenced by a poker performance where James bond beats the villain and wins millions. 007 uses his gambling skills to the best effect to win against a master gambler. The movie has superb cinematic effects and has a scene in the iconic Monte Carlo.

The Cooler: This masterpiece directed by Wayne Kramer is based on the turn of the fortune of an ordinary man. He is a casino worker who wins a huge reward by a stroke of luck. The film has great camera work and screen sequences.

Maverick: This cult thriller movie is based on the life of Bret Maverick. It depicts the struggles of Bret to collect money to play a poker tournament. The scenes are wonderfully portrayed and take the audience through an emotional phase through tragic sequences.

High Roller: High Roller is the story of the famous gambler Stu Ungar. It is depicted in a biographical manner. Michael Imperioli plays the role of Stu Ungar, who was once a famous poker player and was a master of WSOP tournaments.  The movie tells the struggles of the protagonist to reach such heights.

Rounders:  This casino-based movie has a high cast including Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich.  The plot of the film is about a businessman who becomes the winner of a poker game and pays for university fees of students.

21: 21 is based on the true story of a math professor who wins casino tournaments. He and his students take part in jackpot and poker and wins a whopping money. Luck takes a turn in their lives.

Apart from these, you may also like watching some other masterpieces, such as Seabiscuit, The Gambler, The Cincinnati Kid, Ocean’s Eleven, Croupier, Showgirls and so on.


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