Golden Knights vs. Capitals Stanley Cup Finals

Vegas Golden Knights

Golden Knights Split First Two Games at Home

The Washington Capitals did their job in Las Vegas, Nevada. They got the split and go back to Washington with home ice advantage. How much does it mean? Probably very little. The Golden Knights have been solid on the road all year long and the Capitals have not been very good. The odds on game three as the consensus says now is Vegas +115 and Washington -135.

This shows very little confidence in the home team. Take it or leave it and maybe the number is simply wrong and it’s a gift for all of the Capitals faithful. Look, the Capitals are a great team or they wouldn’t be in this position. tThey beat some very stiff competition to get to the Finals and the Tampa Bay Lightning were the best team all season long.

This may or may not mean anything on paper but what it means on the ice is the Capitals have heart and they find a way.

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What the Capitals did to the lightning is proof enough to believe in their ability to win this series. Washington is not afraid of the upstart Golden Knights, they have respect and that’s what a wise team does, they respect their opponent and they go after their opponent.

Just the way they did in game two. The Capitals let Vegas off the hook in game one with a couple of very lazy goals, you can bet on not seeing that again for the rest of the series.

Branden Holtby’s sprawling stick save with two minutes to go in the third period just may have saved the series for the Capitals but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in professional sports. How many folks needed that goal for the over?

After a barnburner on Monday night one might think that game two would have been the same, however, game two followed the course of normal. After a lights out scoring fest, game two was destined to come down to earth and it did with a 3-2 final.

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Betting totals for the entire game is a coin flip! Let’s stop being handicappers for a moment and be honest, let’s get real… betting the game total is a coin flip and we are not afraid to say it. You should get handicapping advice. We absolutely believe in it and by all means find a great game advising site to help you make a great pick but the totasl at this stage of the game are risky.

Who can tell you that the under was a good bet? Nobody. Sure the under won but nobody expected it.

2018 Stanley Cup Odds – Capitals vs. Golden Knights

The bookies set the live lines and odds in a way to make you second guess yourself. What you must do is find ways around the bookie, beat them at their own game. Take period betting. This is a great way to bet. It’s fun and you keep yourself in the game for three periods. Be sure to find a great online bookie that offers all three periods.

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This NHL Stanley Cup Finals is just heating up and it will get even better. The Vegas Golden Knights have come a very long way in a short period of time in what has been a miracle of a season.

The Capitals are a bunch off seasoned veterans,. They are blue collar, hardworking NHL players that bring it every step of the way. Count on them to not lay down at home. Vegas must get the home ice advantage back.


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