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Future of Handicappers Hideaway Forum …AskTheBookie.com, and What is Coming up!!!

Sports Betting Forum Ask The Bookie






Hey guys… I will be Keeping the forum and homepage and will be posting articles and my plays here. Current users are welcome to use it as well, but I have Turned off new signups and my focus will be on Ask The Bookie forum. I have recently been hired there as a Moderator and to incorporate some of the things I have gathered over the 15 years I have been either posting working or Owning a Sports Gambling Forum.

The forums may eventually be merged into Ask The Bookie but the HH homepage will stay up as I will still have my Radio Show on OnTiltRadio.com. I don’t have a date set yet, but it will be Soon ffor my Radio Show. I would really like to spend the Bulk of my time helping Ask The Bookie Grow and you guys supporting that forum would help immensely. I also have a radio show I am doing for Ask the Bookie on Monday and Wednesdays with a professional handicapper called “Your Bookie’s Money” and ATB poster BostonMike00. More details about that will be made known on the forum by Monday morning. Archive of our first show can be found in this Link

Ask The Bookie is a great forum with great posters and is set in the style I wanted when I started GamblingIQ in 2008 with two business partners. This forum/Site was thrown together with some help in less than a Week after the split with GIQ. None of the Romper Room stuff you see at other forums, we have great sportsbook reviews that are not bought and paid for like other prominant sites and we have lots of traffic and posters. AT this time it was just not viable to build another forum from scratch by myself so I looked into other avenues and we have lots of things planned as Ask The Bookie Grows (and it grows more and more each week)

Please give them a shot as they have lots of contests where you can win sportsbook money, TV’s, IPADS, etc… They have weekly Poker Tournaments that are awesome!!! I have loved my 3 weeks there (still learning how everything works over there) and I am sure you will as well



Here is a Copy of their Last Newsletter sent to Posters:

Super Bowl XLVII is here, Ask The Bookie can! is your source for superbowl news, sportsbook reviews, game preview, betting odds, contests, free picks, service plays and more.

* SUPERBOWL NEWS – Road to Super Bowl XLVII
* PREVIEWS – Superbowl props
* CONTEST UPDATE – Superbowl Squares

* ASKTHEBOOKIE POKER – official thread


Niners not afraid to alter look
Who would have thought they would have such a different look heading into their first championship game since capping the 1994 campaign with a victory over the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX. That win saw Steve Young guide the 49ers to their fifth Super Bowl win, successfully carrying the torch from Hall of Famer Joe Montana. READ MORE

Ravens shook off injuries, got offensive
After all, the 2000 Super Bowl-winning Ravens were a formidable stronghold, leading the league in scoring defense with a unit that featured names such as Rod Woodson, Tony Siragusa, Peter Boulware and Jamie Sharper. READ MORE

Complete : Superbowl Odds and News

150% BONUS – AmericasBookie.com

PREVIEWS – Superbowl Props

Iet’s take a look at the wacky props which are always a lot of fun and then the more traditional props where there can be a ton of value. You need to look at props that would be considered underdogs if they happen or plus money. Finding those mixed with a small amount of props where you have to lay money to win is always the best way to come out with a profit after the confetti flies. READ MORE

ATB CONTESTS – Superbowl Squares

We sold our first set of squares out in 24 hours so come get them FAST! 200 dollars worth of prizes. If you joined in the last month two squares are on me.

Superbowl squares #2 – HERE

I also want to congratulate the three winners in our AUSSIE Open Tennis Contest.

Poster: KingJohnson1403-102
What you get $100 Gift Card

Poster DSO
Winner 2nd AUssie open
WInner: NHL TotalGoals
What you get ($50 Gift Card)-amazon
What you get: $25 Starbucks

Poster Bcatswin
Winner 3rd Aussie open
($25 Gift Card) walmart


150% BONUS – 1vice.ag

ASKTHEBOOKIE POKER – official thread

overall standings( 3 games in)

1st 10 PP- BIG J
2nd 7 PP BD
3rd 4 PP JP21
3rd 4PP Jrod124
3rd 4PP Morty
3rd 4PP – Yisman
3rd 4PP CHickadee
4th 3PP Dirty
5th. 2PP- Wes Man Thooth
6th 2PP Cstock
7th 1PP- HEart222

Ask The Bookie Poker – HERE

Hope you enjoyed the newletter
The Bookie
“Askthebookie.com – Sports betting news to keep ahead of the game ”


Niners not afraid to alter look

Ravens shook off injuries, got offensive

Complete : Superbowl Odds and News

PREVIEWS – Superbowl Props

Superbowl squares #2 – HERE

Ask The Bookie Poker – HERE

Dirty is on “Your Bookies Money” Podcast on BlogTalkRadio at 6 pm EST Monday!!!


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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