Dirty is Back for Revenge on Mark Trail

Mark Trail

Mark Trail

I come back from the Dead today and will be in the storyline for the next week or week and a half. My good buddy +James allen (who does the strip) told me a while back he had something planned for me.

Maybe I get some revenge. The last we Seen my Character I was hurt and in a Hospital in Africa and getting Chased by Mark Trail, Taurus and the poaching police for poaching Rhino Horns.

When they went to the hospital to talk to me I was “Gone” that is all the Dr. would say. Didn’t know if I died or escaped. Something Straight off Young and the Restless… Lets see where it goes.

Click James’ name above and check out his profile and then view his Adventures Studio Profile. Has tons of insight and readier interaction to his making of the Mark Trail Comic Strip.


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