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Dan Bilzerian – The Famous Gambler and Internet Sensation

Dan Bilzerian American Flag

February 15, 2019

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most followed celebrities on social media, especially Instagram. Dan has not been famous for a long time. But a few years back he did something incredible that made him an Internet sensation in no time. Dan loved the game of Poker as a child and this love lead him to become one of the wealthiest man out there living his heart out.

The Baby Dan

Dan was born to Paul Bilzerian and Terrin Steffan in 1980. As a child, Dan and his brother Adam, went to the Tampa Preparatory School. He describes himself as a “not so cool child”. Dan played the game of Poker since his childhood, picking up a strong liking in the game.

Danny Boy 

Growing up Dan acquired the love for high-speed car racing and poker. Dan went to the University of Florida where he majored in Business and Criminology. Dan being half Armenian from his father’s side once stated that half of his Armenian family was killed. He lost some money while playing Poker during college days.

Dan the Man
Despite several attempts, Dan could not make it to the Navy SEAL. Later he appeared in a poker tournament with his brother and professional poker player Adam Bilzerian. The duo of Bilzerian brothers did just fine in the tournament. Dan then started playing poker regularly. Many websites nowadays like TheOnlineCasino let players practice casino games without investing any money.

Dan later visited Las Vegas to try his luck with more Poker action. From a very low account balance, Dan went on to win hefty profits in casinos. In a reported incident, he won a high-stakes race against one of his friends. Dan once claimed that he has won $10.8 million in one night playing in a casino.

Dan Bilzerian Is A Las Vegas High Roller
The Crazy Lunatic

Dan lead a lifestyle full of gambling, and heavy doses of drugs. His ruthless behavior saw him landing in many troubles. Dan bought many properties in the US. He developed an interest in collecting elite guns and weapons. Besides being a Poker star, Dan became famous for being an adrenaline junkie.

Dan’s Instagram and Twitter have a huge following. He regularly keeps updating about his recent activities over the Internet. Dan is often seeing enjoying hardcore water sports, shooting sports, and car or bike racing.

Lifestyle issues

Dan’s reckless lifestyle that involved heavy uses of drugs and extreme gambling sessions saw his health declining. Before he was 32, Dan suffered three heart attacks. One notable incident happened when he suffered a heart attack during a 3-day long high-stakes Poker game.  

Later, Dan slowed it down and started working out regularly. He has been associated with a lot of judicial cases mostly because of tax evasion. He is known to be a party animal and throw extremely crazy parties. All the more, he has appeared in small roles in a few movies including The Lone Survivor and Olympus has fallen. Dan currently is working on to get into Armenian Armed Forces.

Dan Bilzerian Long Handicappers Hideaway


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