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As a Bookie You Need to Know Casino Language

Let’s talk about how to become a casino owner. YES, we get it, you are probably thinking that only wealthy people own a casino. This is a misnomer, and we want to show you how you can own a casino and get started for free, with a custom-built website that is also free.

There are free things in this world and what’s amazing, the gambling world offers some of those free things. When most folks think of casinos, gambling, bookies, betting – they think money and a lot of it.

Here is the good news for local bookies, there is a way to earn a boatload of money and you can get started in the next couple of days with a FREE website that comes loaded with a fantastic online casino, that’s a guaranteed moneymaker. Here is how…

· Find a good pay per head that comes ready-made and one that will indeed, custom-build a gaming site for you. They exist and they are the best sites to do business with because your number one hassle with getting online, is now eliminated – building the website.

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What’s Important About Having a Casino?

· Las Vegas is a city known for its enormous resort-themed casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and crazy nightlife. There is one reason that billions and untold billions of dollars flow through this gambling mecca, – the casino.

It’s not the sportsbook, it’s certainly not poker, and it’s not the racebook. It’s not the nightlife, it’s not the grand hotels, the themed resorts, the championship level golf courses, it’s none of the above, it’s the casino and the casino only.

· As a local bookie, you do not have the opportunity to offer your clients what made them gamblers in the first place, the casino. The casino is what brought them, and the casino is what will cause them to stay. It is this simple. If you want o retain your clients or get them back after having lost them from the COVID mess, then you must offer a Las Vegas-style casino.

· You can offer this and easily. How? With a pay per head. The pay per head, sets you up for success with a top-notch, state-of-the-art sportsbook that you will love using and your customers will feel as if they have dialed up one of the big names in online sportsbook action. You will also have a world-class racebook to offer the most faithful of all gamblers. The best clients to have are racebook clients. They bet every day of the year and they spend a small fortune over time.

· The casino is the biggest bonus of all and the best per head software offer the use of the casino for free. You don’t need to be experienced or know how to operate a casino. All you need to know is that the PPH will do all of the work for you. You will have a much easier time bringing in new clients with a casino in tow. You will also have a much easier time convincing your old clients to come back.

· We love the sportsbook, but we also know how volatile the sportsbook can be. You can lose as much as you win. Sure, you will have those times when it seems that you are doing nothing but winning, and every customer is losing their shirts.

This certainly happens and we love those times. On the other hand, there is a flip side to the sportsbook. There will be times when it seems that you can’t win. There will be times when you lose, lose, lose, and nothing seems to work. Players are smart nowadays and they have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

The casino is a steady winner. It matters not what you are offering elsewhere. The casino is the one gambling entity that wins more than 85% of the time. The only way that we know how to affordably find a great online casino is with the use of a pay per head.

Find one that will build your website for free and find one that will offer all three gambling genera’s – the sportsbook, the racebook, and the casino. Now is the time to earn a fantastic income and you can for around $7 per head, per week. Call today and be operational in a day or two with no upfront charges.

Information at:  how to become a casino owner?


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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