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Cash Flow Management Tips for Bookies

Managing finances is a vital skill if you want to succeed as a bookie. You need proper cash flow management to optimize profits. Also, it is the best way to ensure you have enough money to cover winning wagers.

If you use a pay per head bookie solution, your expenses are predictable. As such, the PPH solution charge for every active player each week. No matter how many times the player wagers on sports, you only pay once for each player a week.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management Tips For BookiesAs a bookie, you need to know how much money you need to cover the wagers placed in your sports betting platform. Here are some factors to consider.

Betting Action – According to sportsbook pay per head experts, bookies should consider the type of action they take from players for every sport and every season. For example, the NFL overlaps the MLB and will overlap the NBA. Then there’s the UFC events, boxing championships, US Open, and college sports in between.

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Calendar – As you can see, sports leagues start at different times of the year. Most of them overlap. That’s why you should consider the months where the action is low, and ensure you have enough profit from months with a lot of action. You can plot the calendar with the level of betting action to let you plan potential losses from bets during the low action periods.

Services – The best sportsbooks provide quality services at affordable prices. With the right PPH provider, you only pay a weekly fee for every active player. You can manage your cash flow by making sure the vig will cover the PPH fees for each week. Also, the PPH software allows you to manage limits and attract more players to wager on sports to cover the expenses.

These are the tips on how to manage the cash flow of the sportsbook properly. Follow our guide to optimize the profits of your bookie business.

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