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Boston College Suspends Diving and Swimming Programs Due to Hazing

Due to hazing, Boston College suspended its men’s and women’s diving and swimming programs. University administrators found that hazing took place within the program. Also, the suspension complied with the university’s policy.

On October 7th, the Boston College Eagles were set to take on the George Washington Colonials in the season opener.

According to best sportsbooks, the NCAA defined hazing as any act against someone embarrassing, frightening, degrading, or endangers the health and safety of the person.

Boston College’s Diving and Swimming Programs

Boston College Suspends Diving And Swimming Programs Due To Hazing

The men’s and women’s teams tied for last place in the 2023 Atlantic Coast Conference tournament, which had 12 teams. According to sportsbook software experts, a nationwide effort to eradicate hazing from collegiate athletics led to the suspension.

Several lawsuits have been filed against Northwestern University because of the hazing charges that led to the dismissal of football head coach Pat Fitzgerald in July.

In a letter to students in July, Northwestern’s president, Michael Schill, said that the institution had commissioned an independent review into allegations of hazing following Fitzgerald’s dismissal.

Schill said the head coach was ultimately accountable for the team’s culture, even though the inquiry found no credible evidence.

According to bookie pay per head reports, Fitzgerald knew about the alleged hazing. As for hazing in the program, Fitzgerald claims he had no idea it was happening.

An independent examination of Northwestern’s sports department culture and accountability systems was launched in August, with former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the helm.

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