Betting MLB Run Lines is a Special Talent

Mlb Run Lines

MLB Run Lines can be Profitable Once Understood

Betting MLB run lines needs to be part of your baseball betting strategy. This article goes a long way into educating you on what they are and when to wager them.

Key Points

– Betting on a MLB run line is the equivalent of betting the point spread in other sports.

– There are a number of situations where betting the MLB run line makes good sense.

Betting on a MLB Run Line

Point spread betting is a favorite among sports bettors in a variety of sports. Major League Baseball is a bit different than sports like NBA basketball and NFL football in that there isn’t as much scoring. With so many games, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the MLB news.

Bettors can still bet the point spread in MLB games, but it is referred to as betting the run line. It’s similar to hockey’s puck line. Hockey is another sport where scoring is at a minimum. Therefore, the puck line and the run line in baseball make betting the point spread possible.

To be successful at betting a MLB run line, it helps to understand some of the basics. Once they are learned then you can quickly and easily pick out some great value lines to capitalize on.

The MLB Run Line

MLB oddsmakers establish the run line for every MLB game and typically that number is 1.5. There are a small number of occasions where the run line may vary. It might be 0.5 or 2.5 depending upon a numb er of factors, but in almost every MLB game the runline is 1.5.

        New York Mets    +1.5 (-170)

        Philadelphia Phillies    -1.5 (+150)

In the above example, the Phillies are the favorite here. To win a bet on the Phillies, they must win by at least two runs. A $100 bet would win $150 with the odds at +150. 

The Mets are the underdog and would need to lose by a single run or win outright. With odds of -170, a bettor would have to wager $170 to win $100 on the Mets to cover.

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When to Bet a MLB Run Line

Baseball is a moneyline sport. Most baseball bettors will place wagers on a team to win. Take the Mets-Phillies example again.

        New York Mets    +120    +1.5 (-170)

        Philadelphia Phillies    -130    -1.5 (+150)

A bettor can simply wager on Philadelphia to win. At -130 odds, he’ll need to wager $130 to win $100. If the bettor is willing to bet the Phillies win by two or more runs, he can get a better payout.

Remember, a $100 bet on the run line pays out $150 if Philly wins by at least two runs. This is a situation in which betting the run line may make more sense. 

In cases where you have a clearly better team that is given marginal odds, bettors can opt for the bigger payout on the run line. Sports betting opens a lot of doors, you just need to know the ones to open. It may also make sense to wager the run line in games where there is a big moneyline favorite. Take the following example.

Arizona Diamondbacks    +240    +1.5 (+130)      

Los Angeles Dodgers     -280    -1.5 (-150)

A bettor confident in the Dodgers would take the better payout on the run line. A $150 bet to win $100 makes much more sense than a $280 wager to win $100. The bet also works for someone that likes the D-Backs in the matchup. The bettor still gets a plus-money payout if the Diamondbacks lose by one run.


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