The Dragonroom Poker at VietBet
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Best Online Poker Room? It’s VietBet’s DragonRoom

The Dragonroom Poker By Vietbet

DragonRoom is Quickly Becoming the Top Poker Room

By: Charles Jay

With great poker tournaments, features and customer service, it wins the whole pot

Vietbet has been rebranded as Lucky99 Sportsbook & Casino. Same owners but more variety and wagering options. It still has a great review and nothing has changed except more betting options. Poker unfortunately is not available at the moment so please try to find a place at one of our recommended poker rooms.

Whatever your pleasure, you can get it when you pay a visit to The DragonRoom at VietBet. When looking for the best online poker room, customers seek something that can deliver in a number of ways. Poker can be an extremely competitive sport, but it can also be a very pleasurable game to be played at a casual level. It depends on what you want to get out of it.

The people at VietBet are known for their intense dedication to the needs of the customer. And with this poker product, they have come up with the ideal complement to their outstanding sportsbook, racebook and casino.

Please check out our review for Lucky99 Sportsbook and Casino.

DragonRoom – Great software, great features

User-friendliness is at the core of the mission statement.

The software for the DragonRoom is actually quite innovative. It can be easily downloaded, without cost, and can be played on either a PC or a Mac. It can also be played without a download with Adobe Flash Player, if you have a Mac. And there is also a mobile app that can be downloaded and easily used.

There are a number of different languages that can be used, so virtually no one is shut out. The DragonRoom is a product of the Grand Poker Network, which says that it is consistently adding features to make it work better and better.

One of the features is a “Buddy List” in which you, as a customer, can find friends who may be in The DragonRoom at any particular time. There is also a way for you to review all your game history so you can see where you made the right or wrong move. And Grand Poker wants everyone to know that they use the True Random Card Shuffler to ensure that all games are dealt fairly.

And 50% Rakeback!

Remember this about The DragonRoom at Grand Poker Network and VietBet – all players get a flat rakeback of 50%, which gets credited directly into their poker account.

Would you like to know how huge that is?

Well, if you’re new to online poker, out of every pot, the house takes a certain percentage. This is known as a “rake.” So as the term might imply, “rakeback” means that you are getting some of that money back.

At 50%, this compares favorably with anything you’re going to find in the world!

Texas Hold’em leads the way

It goes without saying that the game that really drives poker is the variation that is known as Texas Hold’em. That is what has powered the explosion in the game’s popularity on television and in lucrative tournaments that are held around the globe. And so VietBet customers who frequent The DragonRoom are very much in luck, because you could hardly find a more robust Texas Hold’em offering. That’s what you come to expect from the best online poker room in the world.

Through its extensive exposure, this game has become very familiar to the general gaming public, so the learning curve is not high. Those who aren’t all that familiar with it can usually get functional pretty quickly, and they can acquaint themselves through experience by playing low stakes games that are available.

The Dragonroom Poker At Vietbet

It’s not just Texas Hold’em either

And the DragonRoom doesn’t just serve customers who are interested in playing Texas Hold’em. There are four other poker variations that are accommodated.

They are:

* OMAHA HIGH — Here there are four hole cards for each player, along with five community cards in a flop that can be used by all the players. What the player has to do is take three of the community cards, along with two of his/her hole cards to make a hand.

* OMAHA HI-LO — In this game, there is the same hole card/flop dynamic. But there are two winners who are supposed to split the pot – one with the highest hand and the lowest hand.  An exception is that if no one can make a low hand or high hand, the player who CAN make one of those hands will win the whole pot.

* SEVEN CARD STUD — There are no community cards here. There are seven cards that go to each player, four of which are face-down and three face-up. There are several rounds of betting, and simply speaking, the player with the best five-card hand is the winner.

* BADUGI — This is a game where the lowest four-card hand wins. There are four betting rounds undertaken, after which players can actually make discards in an attempt to improve their hand. The best possible hand is one in which there are no cards of the same value or the same suit.

Tournament action is red-hot – for everybody

The folks at VietBet are well aware that there is a sizable constituency that wants competition. And they know that competition can bring more than its share of reward.

So there is an aggressive schedule of tournaments that will satisfy even the most eager of patrons. It’s part of what goes into making them the best online poker room.

Of course, tournaments can come in all different forms. Here’s a quick take on what kinds of events you can play:

* SIT ‘N GO — These tournaments are usually played at just one table and will begin right at the point when ten players have made the buy-in. Three competitors will be paid, with a distribution of 50% for first, 30% for second and 20% for third. This is fast-paced action, and at times there are Sit ‘N Go tournaments with more than one table.

* FREEZE-OUTS — The way this kind of tournament is structured, there is one player who winds up with all the chips. This progresses as the limits, blinds and antes gradually increase. Players will get moved to other tables as well, so that those tables are as full as possible. Ultimately players get eliminated when they lose their chips. This winds its way down until, as mentioned, be one player who has everything.

That doesn’t mean, however, that only one player will win a prize. There will be a number of players who, in the end, will be paid. And that will depend on how many players have entered the tournament.

* RE-BUY — Generally speaking, this kind of tournament is going to have more money available for the prize pool in the end. That’s because in the early stages the competitors have the option to re-buy chips if they are behind what their starting chip count was. And that will have a tendency to allow contestants to play a little more loosely, as they aren’t risking elimination caused by running out of funds.

* SATELLITES — These present an opportunity for competitors to earn their way into a bigger tournament by playing in a smaller tournament with a small buy-in. Satellites provide a great outlet for confident players who want to parlay their skill to start with little or no money and have an opportunity for a huge payout. And that is why they are so popular.

* SHOOT-OUTS — There is some similarity between this and the Freeze-out tournament. But the structure is different in that it progresses on a table-by-table basis. Table winners move on to a next stage of tables with other table winners. And the games keep going until a final table, where, like all other rounds of play, one player will wind up with all the chips.

* FREEROLL — This is a good way to become indoctrinated into tournament play. And it comes without risk, in that there is no buy-in required to participate. And there is money to be won. Much of the time, these tournaments are open to everybody. And some of those are open to those who have gathered a sufficient number of Grand Poker Points (see below) to qualify. That’s a nice reward in and of itself. 

The Dragonroom Poker At Vietbet

No Fee GTD’s provide big value

Among the guaranteed tournaments available through the Grand Poker Network are those in which there are no fees for players. What this means is that there will be no tournament rake, with every dollar that comes from the players going into the final prize pool.

A special event – the SportsPlay Prize Penny Tournament

These particular tournaments, taking place each Sunday, are interesting, in that they require only a one-penny (0.01) buy-in. There are also 0.25 buy-ins and 0.50 add-ons. Players who are active with the poker room are eligible. Everybody starts with $3000 in chips, and all prizes consist of free plays in the sportsbook.

First prize will receive $150 in free play. The second-place winner gets a $100 free play, third place receives $80 in free play, and so on, with nine players overall being compensated. In this way it’s a great companion for those people who like to play poker AND wager on sports.

There are a multitude of tournaments available every day. And players have access to a schedule that will show all the tournaments of each type. That way they can plan their own schedule of competition. And it’s rather easy to enter. Just go to the “Tournaments” tab and go through the simple process of registration.

The Bad Beat Jackpot softens the blow

Through tournaments, the thrill of victory can most certainly be experienced. Of course, there is also the other side of that coin – the agony of defeat. Well, VietBet and The DragonRoom have a cure for that. It’s called the “Bad Beat Jackpot.” You’ll have to qualify for it, and it’s an exacting standard. You have to (a) be playing in a cash game, (b) be on the losing end of a hand, (c) use both of your hole cards in your hand and be part of a “showdown,” (d) be in a hand that was raked, and (e) have at least Four-of-a-Kind, 8’s or higher.

The highest-value losing hand is paid. What they do is take 1% of each pot (to a limit of $5). Then 40% stays in the jackpot. Of that, 60% is paid. And 50% of THAT goes to the Bad Beat winner. Then 30% is paid to the winner of that hand, then 20% to the other players who were involved in the hand. So everyone in that situation benefits to some extent.

Grand Poker Points reward your loyalty

The people at Grand Poker and VietBet have established a rewards program that they believe is second to none. It’s for real money players, of course, and credit can be earned for participation in cash games and tournaments.

For every $1 that is contributed to the rake, the player gets 250 Grand Poker Points.

These points NEVER expire. And they are indeed versatile, as they can be converted in a few different ways.

One of them is through “GPP Exchange,” where these points can be redeemed immediately for 35% Rakeback. These points can also be used to enter AdvanceToGo Reward tournaments (which are included among the freerolls). First place finishers get 100% Rakeback (a full rake schedule is available at House Rules).

And guess what? If you finish in second place or lower you’re going to get 50% Rakeback for your points. That’s guaranteed. So you’ve actually got a better deal going into the ATG tournament than with your redemption through the GPP Exchange.

Furthermore, if you can’t play in the tournament right then and there, register anyway, then come back in a couple of hours, and you’ll get your 50% Rakeback. At VietBet they really want to thank you for your loyalty. And they show it.

You can view your points at any time by logging in and going to the “Cashier” area.

The Dragonroom Poker At Vietbet

Funding your poker account is pretty simple

In order to fund your Grand Poker DragonRoom account, you would transfer money from your VietBet sportsbook/casino account. And those accounts can be established through a number of payment methods, depending on where you are located:

* Credit card

* Debit card

* Person-to-person transfer

* Cashier’s check

* Money order

* Electronic check (e-check)

* Bitcoin (BTC)

* Bank wire

See for yourself how easy it is.

Multi-lingual support to make things easier

One of the great things about VietBet is that it is an organization that is extremely responsive to any and all customer problems. They can help you when it comes to deposit methods, technical issues or general questions.

And they can do so in a number of different languages. If you chose to communicate in English, naturally you can. Also, they can handle customer inquiries in Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Call 1-800-986-1154 to access a representative, send a message to cs@vietbet.eu or use their live chat apparatus, which is at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

The DragonRoom also offers assistance to customers using its software. Just email support@grandpokernetwork.com or use the live chat box, which is also located bottom-right. This support is open 24 hours a day.

Conclusion on DragonRoom – simply the best

Unquestionably, VietBet has fashioned a poker product that can meet a wide range of needs for its players. If you are into poker, whatever the variation, you’re likely to discover something that is going to make you very happy.

Such a thing is no surprise when you’ve found the best online poker room in the world.

Please check out our review for Lucky99 Sportsbook and Casino.

The Dragonroom Poker At Vietbet


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