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Benefits of Pay Per Click for Pay Per Head Sportsbook

One way to promote your bookie business is through pay per click ads. Pay per click or PPC is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to show advertisements on top of search engine results. Your PPH sportsbook can enjoy many benefits of pay per click ads.

Search engines allow business owners to show ads on top of their results page as sponsored links. Just like what its name refers to, you only pay for ad units if a person clicks on them. It is like a pay per head solution which you only pay for active players each week.

Benefits Pay Per Click

Cost-Effective – You can limit how much you’re willing to spend based on how much the lead is worth to your bookie business. Also, you only pay whenever a potential player clicks the ad. Thus, PPC is a low-risk marketing option that provides excellent value for money. With a specific budget, you know how much the ad campaign will cost.

Instant Responses – PPC ads provide immediate results. Once the ad agency approves the campaign, thousands of online users will see the ads right away. You can launch a marketing campaign quickly and make sure they reach your target market. Thus, PPC ads are ideal for sportsbook launches, seasonal deals, and promos.

Achieve Bookie Business Goals – Whether you want better brand exposure or increasing the number of players, PPC can help you achieve the goals. Also, you can easily monitor any type of conversion goal. It supports other marketing tools you are using to promote your sportsbook.

Highly Targetable – The best thing about PPC campaigns is that you can choose the audience according to demographics. Some factors you can use to target potential players include location, gender, household income, and age.

Improve Brand Recognition – According to Bwager.com Betting Software Solution, you can target specific keywords that can help improve your branding. Also, it increases the brand’s exposure because PPC ads are found at the top of search engine results.

Disadvantages of PPC Ads

Although there are benefits to using PPC ads, you should also know the disadvantages of using them. Firstly, you need to have experience in bidding, creative copywriting, and keyword research to have a successful strategy.

Also, it takes some time to optimize and improve your conversion rate. Venturing into new markets would mean more keyword research and implementations.

Lastly, expenses can add up quickly if you don’t monitor your PPC campaigns. You might be wasting money for unprofitable keywords that redirect traffic to your online sportsbook but not converting.


Despite the disadvantages, PPC ads have proven to be a profitable and reliable channel for sportsbooks. As you can see, the benefits of pay per click ads outweigh the disadvantages. That’s why we recommend them to bookies who want to achieve their short- or long-term business goals.

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