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Americas Bookie Is Ready for the 2014 Football Season With a Rewards Program and Great Contests!!

Americas Bookie






By: Chris Dyer “Dirty”

Americas Bookie Has Top Notch Customer Service!!

The 2014 NFL and NCAA football seasons are about to get under way and Americas Bookie is ready. NFL teams reporting to training camp starting next week and colleges starting fall practice shortly after. America’s Bookie took the summer break to enhance its website and what it offers to its sports bettors.

They already had the quickest payouts in the industry, great bonuses and unmatched customer service but they were not satisfied and have made many improvements that will be great for the sports bettor.

America’s Bookie is a great friend to the forums at Handicappers Hideaway. All our posters enjoy playing there and getting into their very generous contests. They also have rave reviews on how Owen handles the customer service department and how quickly their questions are answered.

If an issue arises they know all they have to do is ask on our online sports forums, go to the website and hit him up on live chat, or use the old fashioned way and call. It doesn’t matter whatever method you use to contact the best CS rep in the industry. Owen is Johnny-on-the-spot and has a great team with him to handle things if he is not there.

He not only is active on our forums answering questions but builds quality relationships with the posters by interacting with them. I have tried for years to get sportsbooks to understand this and very few have ever given it a shot. It works.

Americas Bookie Has a Contest for Everyone!!

America’s Bookie was kind enough to have two contests for us at our forums and they are both proving to be very popular already. The 13th Annual NFL Handicappers Classic is a Hilton Style contest that we pay out the top handicappers. The entry fee is $200 and AB and their sister book Bet33 is matching the pot 100%.

All money is in cash and is available for payout once the contest ends. They also are giving away Authentic NFL game jerseys every week ($100 value at least) of the NFL season with our NFL Weekly Fantasy Contest ran by our Fantasy Guru Jrod124.

Not many people around will run a contest as well as this cat. It is great to have him on team HH. Don’t pass these contests up ladies and gentlemen.

Americas Bookie has made Major Changes

Enough about the stuff going on with AB and HH. Let’s get down to the upgrades and changes that have been made at America’s Bookie. I will only focus on the rewards program and the contests here. Just going to the site you will notice lots of changes for the better.

They offer more sports and racetracks for horse racing and more prop bets as well. Their selection of wagering options is always growing.

Rewards Program:

The new rewards program was not really necessary in my opinion. They already were very generous bonuses and perks to their loyal customers. This puts this book right up there with the best of them. They have set up a fair and very easy to understand system. It is very simple, the more you play the more points you earn.

You can currently use your points for free plays or use them for free payouts. In the coming weeks they will be adding a store where they will offer an assortment of gift cards, electronics and other valuable things. You will also be able to use them to join office pools and other offers they will have on the site.

The point system is very simple to use. It is basically a point for each dollar you wager with more for parlays, teasers and other types of wagers. To redeem them for free plays it is 5,000 points for a $25 free play and 10,000 for a $50 free play.

At the end of the article I will post the points chart and the free payout chart.

$5000 Last Man Standing Contest

This is a favorite among sports bettors and it is played at bars, offices, and fantasy leagues all over the country. Players at online sportsbooks can now enjoy it. To enter this contest you get an entry for every $250 you send the sportsbook. (Send $500 and get 2 entries, send $1,000 and get 4 entries).

The rules for the LMS contest are very simple. Players must pick 1 game per week. The deadline for submitting your weekly pick is Sunday 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. For any week that there is a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday game and you would like to pick one of those teams playing an early game, picks needs to be submitted 1 hour before game time.

Sunday night or Monday night games still must be picked before Sunday 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The logic of the contest is simple: If you win your pick, you will advance to the next round. There are no point spreads involved, you just need to pick a team.

If you lose your selection, you are out of the contest. You can only select a team once in the contest. A winner is declared once they’ve won their daily selection and “all or one” of their opponents have lost their pick(s).Last Person Standing, wins the entire pot! There is no second place.

33 Point Football Pool

This one is very simple and fun. If your NCAA or NFL team scores exactly 33 points (win or lose), you win $333. Every time you make a deposit of $250 or more, September thru Super Bowl, you can select 1 NCAA or NFL team, and if they scores exactly 33 points (win or lose), you win $333… It’s that easy.

Things are going great at America’s Bookie and there is no reason not to try this book out if you have not. Get ready for a great 2014 NFL and College Football Season and give our good friends at AB your business, and I can guarantee you will not regret it.

Below are the Charts for the payouts and the Fees.

Points per play
Type of play Points
Straight One point
Parlays Two Points (2-15) teams
Teasers One and a half points
If bets One and a half points
Reverse bets One and a half points

Free Payouts
• $100 to $299 Free payout P2P = 5000 pts
• $300 to $499 Free payout P2P = 7000 pts
• $500 to $749 Free payout P2P = 10000 pts
• $750 to $900 Free payout P2P = 17000 pts
• $1000 to $3,000 Free payout with Checks = 10000 pts


Nfl Last Man Standing Contest At America'S Bookie


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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