2016 US Presidential Election – Next President of the United States of America

2016 Us Presidential Election




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2016 US Presidential Election – Next President of the United States of America

The 2016 US Presidential Election has a lot of People on the Wagering List. I suspect that this election will be a doozy. The Democrats think they have the election locked up. Only time will tell.
Hillary Clinton 11/10
Jeb Bush 5/1
Marco Rubio 9/1
Scott Walker 9/1
Rand Paul 18/1
Chris Christie 20/1
Elizabeth Warren 20/1
Ted Cruz 33/1
Andrew Cuomo 33/1
Martin OMalley 33/1
John Kasich 33/1
Joe Biden 40/1
Paul Ryan 50/1
Kirsten Gillibrand 50/1
Bobby Jindal 50/1
Ben Carson 50/1
Jim Webb 50/1
Mark Warner 66/1
Rick Santorum 66/1
Susana Martinez 66/1
Rahm Emanuel 66/1
Rob Portman 75/1
Condoleeza Rice 75/1
Deval Patrick 75/1
Michael Bloomberg 75/1
Bob McDonnell 75/1
Donald Trump 75/1
Al Gore 100/1
George Clooney 150/1
Michelle Obama 150/1

2016 Presidential Election – Winning Party

Democratic Party -175
Republican Party +145

2016 Presidential Election – Gender of Winner
Male -145
Female +125

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