2015 GTBets and Handicappers Hideaway MLB Hitting Streak Contest

250X250 Gt Baseball Handicappers Hideaway

Our good friends at GTBets have decided to have a fun and exciting hitting streak contest will be

giving away some generous prizes especially the longer your streak goes. Please support GTBets and

be on the lookout for some special signup bonuses throughout the summer for Handicappers

Hideaway signups/players!!!

 Sign up at our posting forums at Handicappers Hideaway

 Click the banners or links in this post and get your account at GTBets

 Each poster will pick a different player each day of the contest.

 NO MLB player can be used more than ONCE during a streak

 Once the posters streak ends his next play will be the beginning of a new streak.

 To qualify for 100% of the prize money from GTBets a poster will have to deposit at minimum

$100 during the calendar month. If not he will get 10% of the stated prize money.

 If the poster already has CASH money in their accounts from deposits (not contest money)

then he must have wagered at least $250 in action during the calendar month. If not 10% of

the prizes will be given

 Maximum prize money to be awarded per poster is $3,000. Once a poster hits a prize payout

of $1,000 or more he is not eligible for the large prizes any longer, but can play for the smaller

prizes until he reaches the $3,000 cap on prizes.

 Player can’t cash out more than he has deposited once all rollovers have been met.

 All plays will be made in the official contest thread each day in our contest forum

 All plays will be action unless otherwise noted by the poster

 If you pick less than 20 plays a month then all remaining plays not made will be counted as

losses at -110. If you pick more than 20 plays a month only the first 20 plays will be graded.

Prizes (CASH with a 10X rollover)

 4 game hitting streak — $50

 7 game hitting streak — $100

 10 game hitting streak — $150

 15 game hitting streak — $500

 20 game hitting streak — $1000

 30 game hitting streak — $2500

The more players and deposits we get then we can start having more contests and more prize

728X90 Gt Baseball Handicappers Hideaway

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