2012 MLB Betting – Tim Lincecum Will Swing Game 4 Of The NLCS… Either Way

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MLB Playoffs are in Full Swing and the NLCS is on the Line

MLB Bettors are ready for primetime as he head deeper into the NLCS. The San Francisco Giants have an enigmatic pitcher on their hands. Tim Lincecum is a Cy Young Award winner who has performed poorly this season. He now takes center stage.

Game 4, National League Championship Series:

San Francisco Giants @ St. Louis Cardinals – Thursday, October 18

Sport betting line: St. Louis is a -131-moneyline Favorite and the Total is 7

Why San Francisco Will Win the NLCS

With an online horse betting guru or a college football betting expert, the dynamics of sports remain the same: No matter what the competition might be, you never know when an underachieving athlete might rediscover a moment or period of excellence. A horse that had been struggling in low-stakes races could suddenly burst from the pack and win the Kentucky Derby as a 35-1 shot. The college football player who struggles throughout one season but then manages to elevate his game the following year can transform the outlook in a locker room.

This is what is in the process of happening for the San Francisco Giants in relationship to starting pitcher Tim Lincecum, who will take the mound in Game 4 of this series. Lincecum was the staff ace for the Giants when the franchise won the 2010 World Series, its first world championship in San Francisco and the organization’s first World Series crown since 1954, when the New York Giants beat the Cleveland Indians in the Fall Classic.

Lincecum’s velocity on his fastball and the snap on his curveball were virtually impossible to touch, and that’s how Lincecum soared to the top of his profession.

In the 2012 regular season, however, Lincecum lost his stuff. He just wasn’t intimidating or convincing on the mound, and as a result, he was a long reliever in the National League Division Series against the Cincinnati Reds. Yet, Lincecum delivered the goods in Game 4 of that series, steering his team through the middle innings when San Francisco faced elimination. Lincecum’s confidence has clearly grown, giving him a very good chance of rediscovering his best form for this crucial Game 4 start.

Why St. Louis Will Win the NLCS

When you think about your betting play for this game, you need to ask yourself if Lincecum will be sharp as a starting pitcher.

Online football betting students know that quarterbacks need rhythm and a steady set of expectations in order to thrive. Football’s equivalent of a pitcher needs to enter a game knowing what he can and can’t do. He needs to start every week, knowing that each game is his to win or lose. Lincecum, as San Francisco’s starting pitcher in this contest, will not take the mound with that kind of knowledge. Lincecum came into mid-game situations that did not impose upon him the burden of being a starter.

Lincecum was able to perform a little more under the radar. He knew when he got the ball from manager Bruce Bochy that he wasn’t going to pitch five or six innings. This enabled him to throw harder and better. Being a starter requires a different mentality, and it’s uncertain if Lincecum can handle the pressure of the moment.

It’s also worth noting that St. Louis starter Adam Wainwright will be fresh after a very short outing against Washington in Game 5 of the National League Division Series. Wainwright thought he had lost the season for the Cardinals due to his horrible Game 5 performance. Since his teammates rallied and overcame a 6-0 deficit that he created, Wainwright will feel that he has gotten a second life of sorts. He will relish this opportunity and pitch like a reborn man, helping the Cardinals to a victory.

Who Will Win?

The sense here is that Lincecum will not be effective as a starting pitcher. Moreover, Wainwright – who got crushed in Game 5 of the NLDS against Washington – is going to be highly motivated to pitch well this time around. The Cardinals should take advantage of this pitching matchup and win Game 4.

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MLB Betting Pick: St. Louis

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