XFL Broadcasts to Feature Betting Lines

Fox Sports, ESPN, and ABC will place betting lines as part of their on-screen graphics during XFL broadcasts. Also, announcers will discuss how each play affects the over/under or point spread. According to sports news reports, at least nine states approved betting on XFL matches so far.

ABC and ESPN will have lines at the bottom of the screen. As for Fox Sports, they will show the betting lines during intros and outros of the game. Although the networks are not forcing announcers to discuss sports betting, they can do so without getting into trouble. That’s not the case with NFL broadcasts last season.

XFL broadcasts will start Saturday when the DC Defenders face the Seattle Dragons. ESPN told Pay Per Head sites that announcers can consider talking about point spreads and gambling without turning off people who don’t bet on sports.

XFL Broadcasts and Sports Betting

Xfl Broadcasts To Feature Betting Lines

Based on sources of the best bookie pay per head, networks will not update the betting totals or odds while games are in progress. However, they might consider doing so in the future. It will depend on how the viewers react to the broadcasts.

XFL president Jeffrey Pollack told betting software providers that they want to bring innovation to the broadcasts. Also, they hope that featuring betting lines will improve the fan experience for people watching at home.

Most XFL fans enjoy betting on football. By integrating betting lines and point spread in broadcasts, it strengthens fan engagement and improves the viewing experience. The XFL welcomes sports betting, and it is part of its core strategy.

At present, nine states approve betting on XFL games, including Nevada, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Rhode Island, Indiana, and West Virginia. It is the second reincarnation of the league that’s owned by World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon.

Although the XFL is like the NFL in some ways, there are major differences in their rules. For one, the XFL allows two forward passes if both throws occurred before the scrimmage line.

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