Winners of Round 1 NCAA Tournament

March Madness returns after skipping last year due to the pandemic. Some winners of Round 1 NCAA tournament are the teams who ended their March Madness droughts. 15th-seed Oral Roberts won against Ohio State in OT to be the first 15th-seed to defeat a 2nd-seed since 2016.

14th-seed Abilene Christian won against Texas. Also, it was thanks to Joe Pleasant’s last-second free throws. Thus, it was Abilene Christian’s first NCAA tournament win in the school’s history. Oregon State won its first NCAA tournament since 1982.

According to sports betting bookie software reports, Gary Payton played for Oregon State in 1986 but failed to win a single game during March Madness in his three years with the school. It took his son, Gary Payton II, to lead the school to victory.

Round 1 NCAA Tournament

Rutgers earned its first NCAA tournament game-winner since 1983 by defeating Clemson. According to sportsbooks reviews and news sites, it was also the team’s first March Madness appearance since 1991.

Oral Roberts’ win over Ohio State was its first NCAA basketball win since 1974. During that year, the televangelist for whom the school was named was still alive. They were known as the Titans and didn’t belong to any conference. At present, they are the Golden Eagles and part of the Summit League.

Abilene Christian and North Texas are two schools that never won a game in the NCAA tourney last weekend. Also, almost all the Texan teams won once except for Texas.

That’s one of the reasons why people love watching and betting during March Madness. Upsets are part of its culture. Thus, it would be best if you prepared for them when you become an online bookie. Ensure you have enough money to cover the underdog wins to ensure players are happy with your services.

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