Who will win the 2020-2021 LaLiga title in Spain?

Laliga Spain

LaLiga is Winding Down This Season, Who Will Win?

LaLiga Championship Battle is coming. It has definitely been a weird year for soccer in Spain, as all of the best teams have struggled during different stages of the season, and they have all been ruled out at one point or another. However, the reality is that even though they haven’t been their best shape consistently, and they haven’t been performing as well as they are used to, they remain as Spain’s three biggest teams and they all have a chance to fight for the title in the last few match days remaining.

Every team plays 38 games during the season, and right now Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have played 29 each, while Barcelona has played 28 games. There are still at least 10 games to be played and the difference between them is just three, or even one point, so anything can still happen, and anyone can claim the trophy.

It’s quite interesting to see that even in a season like this, where all three teams have suffered since the beginning, they’re all still on top and no other was able to catch up with them. The only team that remains close to a top three is Sevilla, but after them, everyone else is way down on points in the general table.

How are things on top of the LaLiga table?

Right now, after 29 games played, Atletico Madrid is on top of the league with 66 points and a +32 goal differential, Real Madrid has 63 points and +28, and Barcelona has 62 points and +43, but with one game less played, only 28. This means that Barcelona could jump to the second place as soon as they play that missing game, and Zidane’s team could be relegated to the third spot on the table.

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Atletico Madrid has won 20 games during this season, so far, and has lost only 3, while Real Madrid and Barcelona have won 19 and lost 4. Out of the three, the one with the best defense is Atletico Madrid, which has allowed only 19 goals against, while Madrid has allowed 23 and Barcelona 24. On the other hand, Barcelona is, by far, the team with most goals scored this season, with 67, while the other two have scored 51 only, which is still a lot more than the other teams in the league, but 16 less goals than Barcelona, who has played only 28 games.

What can we expect for the last stretch of the season?

It’s going to be a fight until the last game, that’s for sure, as we don’t expect to see any of them lose too many points from now on. It’s not usual to see all three teams like this at this point of the season, by now, usually Barcelona or Real Madrid have a wider advantage, and then you can already guess or predict what is going to happen.

However, with at least 10 more games to be played, and all three teams desperately fighting for the championship, we can expect many great games to come in the next few weeks. It’s also important to notice that, out of the three, only Real Madrid remains alive in the UEFA Champions League tournament, and this means that the other two teams will have extra focus on winning La Liga, which makes it even more exciting for fans and sports bettors.

Who’s your favorite to win it all?

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