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What you need to know about the latest Virtual Reality trends

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Growing Rapidly

Virtual Reality is gradually rising as indispensable in the world of technology with multiple sectors using VR and AR as an integral part of their working systems. With Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence ingrained in every life and work sphere, there’s much you need to stay updated within this field. In the next couple of years, both AR and VR are expected to become increasingly refined.

Among the various fields where AR and VR are being rampantly tried, tested and applied, is the world of gaming. What you experience now when gaming with VR accessories is set to offer a better quality of visuals and augmented environments. The next time you pick your smartphones and tablets along with a compatible headset to begin playing popular phone games; you might just find yourself interacting across the virtual space. Building taller ladders of imagination, the latest developments in VR and AR will give you wings to fly.

Artificial Intelligence and the AR-VR space

AI is expected to increase the reach of AR and VR. With this integration, people will be able to easily access smarter functionalities on their apps. In the health sector, pathologists are already using the microscope created by Google to detect cancerous growth in humans. Application of VR is expected to soar in medical training where students will be performing surgeries in simulated environments without having to risk the lives of people. Speaking of training, Walmart has already been using the Oculus headsets to train a large number of employees in several areas of operation and marketing.

The sophisticated technology will enable humans to interact with augmented environments. Common applications that you use as filters while clicking selfies where you can frame your faces with a rabbit munching on a carrot or encase that classic oldie look with smoking pipes is all set to be handier in the coming years.

If you are a gaming fan, you might just have to pull up your socks to win against the AI opponent as the computer players might just react more efficiently and simultaneously respond effectively to your playing styles. Thinking optimistically, it’s going to be more fun and immersive experience when you play against real-time gamers. The new headsets in the market from Vive and Oculus that enable eyeball tracking and an augmented view of the environment can make gaming more realistic and social.

Government and military bodies in the US have also started using AR to train their soldiers so that they can understand the way their bodies respond to certain tense situations on-field. Moreover, real-time updates also enable a clearer view of the battle environments.

In the automobile industry, manufacturers have been experimenting with myriad AI interventions to refurbish the fully automated cars. Talking to your car as she asks ‘how you feel today’ is exactly what the voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa are bringing in. Machine learning technology already available as a core feature in many cars enables drivers to keep away from potential on-road threats with the high-tech cameras that sense and capture relevant footage to assist the drivers. This industry has been using AI to build-in enhanced safety measures and gear up the overall convenience.

Applied across industries, AI is becoming a core part of life. There is a concern over its cost but with the rapidly increasing demand, it is expected to become affordable.

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