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Victiv Our MLB games are live — Play in our “Week of Freerolls” now…

Pga Contest At Victiv

Victiv was purchased by StarsDraft and they are a part of the PokerStars family. They don’t take players from most of the US States.

Our MLB games are live — Play in our “Week of Freerolls” now…

Victiv MLB is now live!

Join tonight’s $500 freeroll to kick off our “Week of MLB Freerolls” paying out $2,175 in free prizes.


Victiv’s Unique MLB Lineup

Welcome to VICTIV MLB, the newest take on daily fantasy baseball for more flexibility, action, and fun!

P – Pitching Staff
IF – Infield
IF – Infield
IF – Infield
IF – Infield
OF – Outfield
OF – Outfield
OF – Outfield
PH – Pinch Hitter
Pitching Staff

P – Pitching Staff

Instead of selecting a single pitcher, you’ll choose an entire pitching staff. No matter who throws for your team, you’ll be scoring points throughout the entire night!
Infield & Outfield
IF – Infield

Choose 4 infielders from any combination of 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Short Stop, and Catcher.

OF – Outfield

Choose 3 outfielders from any combination of Left Fielder, Center Fielder, and Right Fielder.

IF / OF – Team Stacking
You may only roster a maximum of four batters from any one team.
Pinch Hitter

PH – Pinch Hitter

Draft a Pinch Hitter from any infielder or outfielder. The Pinch Hitter position will count against your salary cap, but will not count towards you score unless they score more than another batter on your lineup.

To read our entire analysis on MLB, click the button to learn more!

MLB Scoring
Batters Scoring

RBI / Run Scored +1 pts.
Base Hit / Walk / HBP +1.25 pts.
Double +2 pts.
Triple +3 pts.
Home Run +5 pts.
Stolen Base +1 pts.
Caught Stealing -1 pts.
Pitchers Scoring

Innings Pitched +2.25 pts.
Strikeout +0.40 pts.
Run allowed -2 pts.
Hit or hit equivalent -0.25 pts.
Shutout +1 pts.
No Hitter +2 pts.
Complete Game +2 pts
Perfect Game +5 pts.

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