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Very Sad News: Russ Hawkins, Founder of MajorWager Sports Forums, has Died in a Plane Crash

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For those that don’t know MajorWager.com was was one of the early Top Online Sports Gambling Forums and was instrumental in building the Online Sports Gambling Community. I will try to have more details and will write up the history of Russ and Major Wager over the weekend. Not much is Known about the crash right now. I want to wish my condolences to all friends and family of Russ Hawkins.

Russ Died while Practicing “Touch and Go” Landings on Puslinch Lake in a Cessna 172 Float Plane.  Authorities said he took off a little low and clipped the top of some trees and then a power line.  Witnesses said he banked to miss a house on the lake.  I will have more details when I find out about them.

It seems like many of the early pioneers of the sports forum world are leaving this world. Whether you loved them or hated them many longtime and prominent figures in this industry are falling by the wayside. Just to name a few we had Longtime Posters “Panther”, “Glaken Centaine” (also a moderator at RX and EOG and good friend, Ken “The Shrink”Weitzner (Founder of RX and EOG), and Former RX Moderator and onetime owner of Peeps Place (Offshore Gambler’s Digest, OGD) just to name a few. I know I left a few out and will try to have a list as well later, as this is just off the top of my Head.

Below is from Major Wager from clevfan who was very close to Russ and has been the heartbeat of that forum for as long as I can remember.

Today, 08:01 AM
clevfan Www.majorwager Handicappers Hideaway
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Www.majorwager Handicappers Hideaway I HAVE VERY VERY BAD NEWS

Russ was killed yesterday in a plane crash. I am too much in shock to talk about it right now. I am also so mad that this happened because I bitched and bitched at him about how scared I was of him flying planes and told him it was too dangerous!

Major Wager Post here

Here are some Newspaper articles concerning the Place Crash

Guelph Mercury Website

CTVNews.ca Article

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