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UKGC Investigates Relationship Between Sports Events and Gambling Activity

The UKGC commissions a new study investigating the connection between sports events and gambling activity. Also, the results can assist the UKGC to make smarter decisions. In addition, it can monitor the latest global gaming trends.

According to bookie PPH experts, looking at the relationship between the two can help the regulator improve its regulations. Furthermore, it can promote responsible gambling practices.

The UK Gambling Commission hired Yonder Data Solutions to survey and analyze betting patterns before, during, and after the 2022 FIFA World Cup. According to sports handicapping reports, Yonder’s strategy entailed making direct touch with people who placed wagers on the event. Participants were asked to reflect on their thoughts and actions related to gambling over the previous four weeks.

UKGC Looks at Sports Events and Gambling Activity Connection

Ukgc Investigates Relationship Between Sports Events And Gambling Activity

Researchers followed up with participants in March to learn if their gambling habits had changed since the last survey. Eight hundred-eleven people filled out both questionnaires, providing a reasonable basis for the findings. This information will be necessary to the UK Gambling Commission in their pursuit of promoting responsible gambling at future high-profile events.

Several interesting patterns emerged, as reported by the UK authority. Respondents considered the 18 months since the World Cup rather than the 12 months typically utilized in such polls. However, the typical number of gamblers has grown. Although betting volumes were down, the above-average participation rates show that major sporting events can successfully attract and keep gamblers.

Based on its Path to Play methodology, the UKGC found that most World Cup bettors participated in gambling to add excitement to the game, with friends typically deciding whether to place a wager. Participants are less inclined to gamble “For the Money,” reducing their vulnerability to developing a gambling problem due to this study’s findings.

The World Cup has the potential to serve as a “gateway” event because even if the social side of gambling is predominant, it nonetheless leads to continuing betting participation for a third of players. Due to the lack of solid data on the adverse effects of gambling, the UKGC is considering funding more studies in the lead-up to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC) constantly gathers information via investigations to better safeguard gamblers and address future threats to the gambling industry. The regulator’s actions indicate its dedication to a fair and open gaming industry that puts player safety and responsible play first. It is vital to keep your sportsbook updated to comply with regulatory changes.

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