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Time to Start Looking at Smaller, Reliable Online Sportsbooks for the Near Future for P2P Transactions

Betting At Online Sportsbooks

Smaller Sportsbooks are Finding Ways to Pay

By: Chris Dyer (Dirty)

I have been hearing for the last two days with people having trouble with P2P with payouts and receiving them. It is only happening to the medium sized and larger sportsbooks from what I can determine.  5Dimes has told people that it will be a week or so to process some payouts because of trouble with P2P.  One thread at SBR has already been deleted about this problem (not a surprise). I have had several people contact me with trouble at other sportsbooks with P2P problems with them having to go pick up their transactions becuase they were returned. It has happened at BetOWI and Intertops, but 5Dimes (which is a sponsor here as well) is the main one.  This doesn’t mean these books are not safe. It just means you may experience a delay in receiving your funds or your account being credited funds you send. Not every bigger book is having trouble now but usually when a few start having it then it spreads quickly.

This happens at the larger books becuase they have more transactions and it throws up a red flag. This is why many books limit the amount you can send and receive daily, weekly, and monthly.  The UIGEA has caused problems like this since 2006 when it was implemented.  The larger books also have trouble securing and transitioning to new payment options when one of their main options is temporarily down or runs into problems like this. Your smaller books not so much. They can adjust on the fly and keep on with business as usual in the payout department.

America’s Bookie, Bet33, 1Vice, HRWager, ProBets, and Topbet are smaller books at Handicappers Hideaway that I trust and have heard of no trouble and I don’t expect any as their daily transactions are no where near the size of the other sportsbooks. It is easier for them to secure other methods of depositing as well.  They have a smaller amount of daily transactions and it is easier for a processing company to take that load on than from a bigger book.

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I suggest before you make your next deposit contact us (especially if it is a sponsor) and we will find out of any delays or troubles or call the book and find out. If they are then look at your smaller books until the problem is resolved. I can virtually guarantee you will not miss a beat going with the smaller books anyway in 95% of the sports you wager on.

Remember this is not a warning about funds being safe or books having money problems. It is just to alert our readers and forum members to possible delays with one of the more popular ways to deposit at online sportsbooks for US players.


Dirty has been an employee or owner of some of the top online sports gambling forums since 1998. He worked at EOG.com from it's inception until 2008 when he left and opened GamblingIQ and then in 2012 opened Handicappers Hidaway. He has written hundreds af articles over the years and always has his "Dirty Dozen" College Football poll up starting the first week of October.
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