Tigers Looking to Claw Closer to Top Spot in AL Central

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Detroit Tigers Looking to Crash Playoffs

The Detroit Tigers are doing what needs to be done to get into the playoffs. With a week that saw the Tigers go 5-1 the pennant race is heating up in Detroit and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

With only 4 weeks left you can bet that the Tigers will be playing the best baseball of the season. They are on the prowl for easy victories.

On the other side of the ballgame is their prey, the Kansas City Royals. With a 56-71 record, the struggling Royals are in for a potential romping by the offensively gifted Tigers.

It seem MLB has fed the hungry Tigers the KC Royals. They have taken the season series 6-2 and are looking to add to those statistics with the last meeting between these two teams of the season.

Why Detroit Will Win…

Detroit has proven in the last week that they are a team that can compete under the pressure of the pennant race. Going 5-1 over the week. They swept the Toronto Blue Jays and only dropping one against the Anaheim Angels. The Tigers are inching their way towards divisional rivals the Chicago White Socks.

On the mound for the Tigers is all-star Justin Verlander (12-7, 2.50 ERA). He has been money in the bank for the Detroit franchise. After dismantling the Blue Jays offense last week the pitching ace is setting his sights on the equally struggling Royals.

Although the last meeting between these two teams in which Verlander pitched saw the Tigers fall 8-0. The world class starter is looking to rebound and prove to himself and his teammates that under the pressure of the pennant race he can rise to the occasion.

Offensively Detroit is looking to Miguel Cabrera. He has smacked an impressive thirty-two home runs and one hundred six RBIs. The offensive statistics of the Tigers far out-match that of the Royals. The Royals have a lower batting average, runs, home-runs and walks.

Why Kansas City Will Win…

You wouldn’t need to consult a sportsbook to realize that the Royals are a team that are being served on a platter for the hungry Tigers. The one thing that Kansas City has going for them is this. The last time Verlander pitched it resulted in an 8-0 win.

Without looking at the statistic page, which is a telling story about how different these two teams are. The Royals could always play spoiler and trip up a Tiger team riding a high of confidence.

With Luis Mendoza (7-9, 4.26ERA) on the mound he has won the last three starts at home in Kansas and has gone 6-1 at the Royals home stadium. It would seem like the Royals have no chance against a team in the pennant hunt.

The first game of this three game series could show how interested the Royals are preparing for the future as winners or losers.

Who Will Win…?

The Detroit Tigers completely outmatch the Kansas City Royals. It would be foolish to not think the Tigers will not take a majority of the wins in this series. Online betting sites are predicting that the Tigers will use their hot pitchers and hitters to get the job done in Kansas City.

In what is a contentious pennant race in the AL Central the Tigers are hoping that the majority of sports betting  sites are right and that the easy wins come through.

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