Super Bowl LV Betting Guide – Spreads and Totals

We are now near the end of the NFL season. It was a unique season because the NFL held it during a pandemic. If you want to wager on Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay, we have a Super Bowl LV betting guide for you.

The Super Bowl is the biggest betting day in North America. This year’s edition has several storylines that include the first time the host team qualifying for the final game. It is also the first time Tom Brady is playing in the Super Bowl with the Bucs.

Spread Super Bowl LV Betting Guide

Super Bowl Lv Betting Guide – Spreads And TotalsKansas City -3.0 -115
Tampa Bay +3.0 -105

According to sports betting reports, the Chiefs vs. Bucs spread opened at 3.5. However, it quickly dropped to 3.0. However, some sportsbooks kept it at 3.5. Underdogs are 12-7 against the spread in the last two decades. Also, they won nine of the matches.

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1999 was the last time there was a push during the Super Bowl. It was when the Rams won against the Titans by seven points. In Week 12, the Chiefs won against the Bucs 27-24 as per bookie pay per head sources.


Under 56 -110
Over 56 -110

The total dropped a point from its initial value of 57. Although it is a significant number, it is aligned with the recent Super Bowl trends. According to pay per head reviews, the average Super Bowl total in the last five seasons is more than 54 points.

In Super Bowl history, the over/under has a 27-26 record. There are 12 Super Bowl games with a total of more than 50 points. Eight of those matches were under.

Many people will watch the game on Sunday to see if Tom Brady can win the Super Bowl with a new team. Betting on the game will make the game more exciting. Use our guide to make smart wagering decisions.

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