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Storm your way to the $6 Million Venom with Cyclones at Americas Cardroom

Acr $6M Cyclone Blitz

ACR’s $6 Million Venom just part of $12 Million OSS Starting Nov 14th

Don’t be afraid of Cyclones, especially the ones at Americas Cardroom. There’s a new way to win your $6 Million Venom seat at Americas Cardroom and it’s taking the world by storm. They’re called Cyclones and they’ll be available on ACR on November 14th.

Cyclones are basically Blitz Poker Steps. If you’re not familiar with Blitz Poker, here’s a quick recap for you. In Blitz Poker, you can keep folding until you see a hand you like. Whenever you fold, you’re transported to a new table for a new hand, along with others who have also folded.

With Cyclones, you’ll get to fast-fold your way to a Venom ticket in true Blitz Poker fashion. Here’s how it works:

1) Enter a Cyclone. For this example, let’s start at Step 1 where the buy-in is $0.25.
2) Get your starting chips after paying the buy-in. In this case, it’s 697 starting chips.
3) Play Blitz Poker.
4) Keep playing until you work your stack up to 5,000 chips.
5) When you have 5,000 chips, you’ll get a ticket to the next step (in this case, it’s a ticket to Step 2). 6) Play the next Step, this time with a larger starting stack (1,137 chips in the case of Step 2).
7) Work your way to a 5,000-chip stack and win your ticket to the next Step.
8) Rinse and repeat.

Visit Americas Cardroom to learn more.


There are 7 Steps in Cyclones

Once you have completed the other 6 steps then Step 7 awards that coveted Venom ticket once you’ve hit 5,000 chips.

It gets even better. With Cyclones, you can take a break and come back later. The software will remember your chip stack. So let’s say you’ve Cycloned’ your way to 2300 chips but you need to step away for a few hours. When you come back, your 2300 stack will be waiting for you.

Cyclones are incredible if you want a fun and innovative way to win your $6 Million Venom seat. It’s Americas Cardroom’s largest-ever poker tournament and the biggest one held by any US-facing online poker site. First place gets a million bucks. It begins on November 27th. See AmericasCardroom.eu for all the info.

Acr $6M Cyclone Blitz

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