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Sportsbook Signs DISH Deal to Offer Sports Betting via TV

Players in regulated sports wagering markets can soon bet on sports through their television sets. A significant sportsbook signs DISH deal that will allow it to accept wagers via TV. DraftKings announced the agreement it signed with the DISH network Wednesday.

According to software sportsbook reports, customers with Hopper receivers can access DraftKings through their TV sets. Also, they can wager on sports without interrupting the game on the screen.

The deal is a game-changer for the sports betting industry. It streamlines the in-game betting process. However, players still need to confirm the wager through their mobile devices. Thus, you still need the DraftKings app for the bet to go through.

Sportsbook Signs DISH Deal

Sportsbook Signs Dish Deal To Offer Sports Betting Via TvOnce DraftKings launches the feature, players can wager on NCAA basketball, NHL, and NBA games. According to sportsbook PPH sources, DraftKings will add more sports and tournaments in the future. Also, it allows DISH customers to set recordings to watch games they bet on or have athletes in their daily fantasy sports games.

According to sportsbook pay per head reviews, the deal with DISH TV increases players’ immersion. It brings the viewership experience to the next level. Also, it is another way of reaching various fanbases.

DraftKings said it offers a unique opportunity for fans to watch matches and engage with real-money wagering. Also, the technology allows for further innovation in the future.

In other news, DraftKings announced a deal with UFC. It becomes the official sportsbook of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Also, it would have its odds in fights in every broadcast. The contract is worth $350 million and valid for five years.

It is a good year for DraftKings. It continues to increase its coverage in various states in the US. At present, it is present in almost all legal US markets.

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