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Sportsbook Report on Klay Thompson Injury

While the Golden State Warriors were cruising towards a win in the second half of Game 2, one of their key players went down in the fourth quarter. In fact, the Klay Thompson injury was due to an awkward landing after trying a three-point shot.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, an MRI showed that the Klay Thompson injury is a hamstring strain. As a result, he is questionable for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Although he wants to play in the next game, the final decision depends on how his body responds before the game.

After the Warriors won Game 2, Coach Steve Kerr said that Thompson told him that his injury is nothing to worry about. However, the forward also said that it is difficult to tell if he will be ready for the next game.

Klay Thompson Injury and other Warriors Injuries

The Warriors are already suffering from several injuries. Kevon Looney had a good start but missed most of Game 2 after falling awkwardly in the first quarter. It turned out he has a fractured collarbone. In addition, he will not be available indefinitely.

Sportsbook Report On Klay Thompson Injury

Andre Iguodala had to go to the locker room right away at the end of the first half after he knocked into Toronto’s Marc Gasol. The good news is he returned in the second half. In addition, he scored the game-winning 3-pointer.

Kevin Durant is still out due to a calf injury. In fact, he missed the first two games of the NBA finals. Sportsbook pay per head for agents is expecting him not to play in the next game. However, Coach Kerr surprised everyone by saying Durant might be ready to play if he takes part in one team practice.

In addition, the coach said that the team is taking the Durant situation one day at a time. They don’t want to hurry the player’s recovery.

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