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Sportsbook Report on Brittney Griner – 1st Court Appearance in Russia

According to the latest sportsbook report on Brittney Griner, her trial began Friday in Moscow. Authorities claimed the US basketball team member smuggled in cannabis oil. If proven guilty, she could face up to ten years in prison.

Griner plays in Russia during the offseason of the WNBA. However, authorities arrested her on February 17 at an airport in Moscow. It was a week before Russia invaded Ukraine. US officials and Griner’s fans said that she was illegally detained. Also, they feared that she was now a political pawn during a tense timeline between the US and Russia.

During the trial, the prosecutor accused Griner of smuggling in less than a gram of cannabis oil. In addition, the prosecution claimed Griner intended to import illegal drugs into Russia. Instead, they found cannabis oil cartridges in her suitcase and backpack. Russia classifies cannabis oil as a narcotic drug.

Sportsbook Report on Brittney Griner

Sportsbook Report On Brittney Griner’s Court Appearance In Russia

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the court scheduled the second hearing for July 7. Some sports handicapping experts speculated that Griner could be released as part of a prisoner swap deal. However, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t comment on the issue. In addition, Griner’s lawyers were unaware of any prisoner exchange deals with the US government.

During the hearing, a worker of the airport customs services at the Sheremetyevo airport was one of the two witnesses. Griner’s lawyers asked the witness how they conducted the personal search. However, the lawyers didn’t elaborate on any information uncovered during the testimony.

Cherelle, Griner’s wife, is asking President Joe Biden to negotiate an exchange deal with Russia. That way, Griner can come back home. Cherelle said it had been more than 130 days since Griner’s detention.

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