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Sportsbook Report of Klay Thompson Injury

The Klay Thompson injury in Game 6 of the NBA Finals is one of the most tragic events in sports. In addition, the Golden State forward was humbled when the team offered him a max contract for five years.

Thompson said he knew he got hurt, but he didn’t expect it to be as severe as an ACL injury. He told a pay per head sportsbook provider that his adrenaline level was high during the game that he thought it was just a sprained knee.

When he got back to the locker room, he didn’t feel right. He felt helpless as his knee swelled up. The Klay Thompson injury will take a long recovery time. In fact, the star player doubted he will be back before this year’s All-Star break. Prop bets by a sportsbook software solution firm have him going back before the start of the playoffs.

Klay Thompson Injury Report

Sportsbook Report Of Klay Thompson Injury

Thompson doesn’t want to rush his recovery. He wants to play until he is 40 years old. In addition, he said the Warriors was lucky to extend their success without a lot of injuries like they did in the Finals.

After Thompson went down with an ACL injury, the team lost Kevin Durant to an Achilles injury. The Warriors had a five-year run without major injuries. Although there were some minor ones along the way, they were not as traumatic as what happened to Thompson and Durant.

Golden State showed its loyalty to Thompson by offering him the maximum contract deal worth $190 million. In fact, he signed the contract right away because of his history with the team. Also, he said there is unfinished business after getting close to winning the championship once again.

In addition, Thompson is confident that the Warriors remain competitive despite losing Durant and other key players. Reading bookie tutorials is the last thing he has in mind during his recovery period. He’ll come back stronger than before and is looking forward to playing with D’Angelo Russell.

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