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Sports TV Networks Betting on Other Stuff with No Sports to Broadcast

As the world of sports pauses during the coronavirus outbreak, sports TV networks are trying to find ways to fill their airtime. That’s when the creativity of the crew will come into play, as no live games will take place in the next couple of months.

According to ESPN, they still don’t know what to do. It is as if someone hit the pause button and turned everything into ESPN Classic. None of the staff was prepared for a world with no live games.

Van Pelt, the host of SportsCenter, told PPH reviews and news sites that they are waiting for the NFL free agency period to have fresh sports news. Sports channels will have a blast once teams fight over free agents.

Sports TV Networks in the Time of COVID-19

Sports Tv Networks Betting On Other Stuff With No Sports To Broadcast

Although the NFL will still go ahead with the free agency that will start on Wednesday and the draft on April 23, there’s no much to report in the sports world. Many sporting events announced their cancellations and postponements this week, according to sportsbook software reports.

Last Friday, the Masters postponed, Boston Marathon moved to September, and IndyCar and NASCAR races canceled for the weekend. The NHL, MLB, and the NBA suspended their seasons. Also, the NCAA canceled March Madness.

Sports channels will have a hard time earning their keep. ESPN has broadcasting rights for the MLB and the NBA. The network has many hours dedicated to live games each week. Now they have a huge void to fill as both leagues canceled their seasons.

Also, some people wonder how much bookies earn when there are no live games. As of Friday, bookies are looking for sports to offer lines. Some remaining live sports events include UFC Brasilia on March 14, several Liga MX fixtures, and Sumo Haru Basho on March 22.

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