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Sports Betting Players are a PPH Bookie’s Moneymaker

If you’re already a PPH bookie or looking to become one, understand that sports betting players are going to be your bread and butter most weeks. The additional gambling options are more volatile.

With that being said, it’s important to focus on attracting sports betting players to your website.

All PPH software platforms are offering sports betting, but some providers offer a better product.

You’ll understand your player base better than anyone else. Make sure you join a PPH that caters to the features and markets you need in order to be successful in your local market.

Tips for Building Loyalty With Sports Betting Players

One of the great things about sports bettors is that they’re often extremely loyal. I know some guys who have been betting with the same local bookie for more than 25+ years now.

Sports betting players aren’t like most casino players who simply chase the latest bonus or free spin offer online. However, building player loyalty can be more difficult than you assume.

Follow these tips to supercharge your player betting sheet and profits as a bookie.

  1. Consistency Is More Important Than Anything Else

Consistency is the name of the game as a bookmaker. You need to be available for your players when they need you. You need to pay them quickly every time they win.

Even big bookies have gone out of business because they dropped the ball and stopped focusing on consistency. Players will leave the second they believe you can’t be trusted anymore.

  1. Be Firm, but Understand Real Life Circumstances

You can’t allow your players to run all over you or you’re going to end up getting stiffed too often.

However, it’s also important to understand real life situations that can occur out of the blue. If you have a loyal player that misses a payment, find out the reason and work with that player.

Don’t scold the player, treat them fairly and they’ll likely remember the experience.

Here’s an example. If a loyal player contacts you and says that he just had to have an emergency dental procedure and can’t pay you for a couple weeks, work with them. Even offer a discount.

  1. Start Small Before Going Bigger

This should be your motto with everything in this business, especially new players.

You want to build relationships with your players and learn what they can afford to lose on a weekly basis without getting into trouble. You want clients that will bet with you for years to come.

The last thing you want is a degenerate gambler that’s betting the mortgage money on Sundays.

Once you become more comfortable with each other, you can look to increase offering sports betting limits and even what the player can bet on. For example, you may only offer three-game parlays initially.

You don’t want new players coming in, taking shots at you and then potentially stiffing you when it comes time to collect the money. You shouldn’t raise limits until a player has been betting with you for several months and has made payments on time each week when they lose.

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