Sports Betting News on Tampering Charges against Texans

The New England Patriots made it to sports news headlines once again. No, it is not about winning another Super Bowl. This time around it is about tampering charges it filed against another team.

The NFL champs Patriots accused the Texans of tampering. The latter is pursuing Nick Caserio, who is the Patriots’ director of player personnel. Also, he serves as the team’s de facto general manager. As a result, the Patriots filed tampering charges against Houston.

Patriots don’t want to lose Caserio. Also, the Texans want Caserio to be their next GM. As a result, the former accused the latter of breaking the NFL tampering rules. The league will investigate the issue to determine if the Texans did violate the anti-tampering regulation. If the NFL found the Texans guilty, the team can lose a draft pick or pay a fine.

Tampering Charges against Houston Texans

Sports Betting News On Tampering Charges Against Texans

Caserio is close with Texans coach Bill O’Brien, who used to be with the Patriots’ staff from 2007 to 2011. Also, Caserio is close with former Patriots’ character coach Jack Easterby, who left the team to become the Texans’ executive vice president of team development.

Easterby attended the Super Bowl ring ceremony of the Patriots last week. In addition, Caserio was there. A day after, the Texans fired GM Brian Gaine. As a result, the Patriots believe tampering happened during their ring ceremony.

Reporters asked O’Brien if he or Easterby talked to Caserio before the team fired their GM, he answered that no. However, sports betting software insiders believe the Patriots has a strong case, especially when there’s video evidence.

After firing their GM, the Texans asked the Patriots for permission to interview Caserio. However, the latter believes the former broke tampering rules of the league when they tried to persuade Caserio to leave the team.

Tampering is when a club interferes with the employer-employee relationship of another team. Also, it is the act of a club to make an individual sign up with them. The NFL expects to collect relevant information with its investigation. Gambling software experts are interested to find out what will happen next.

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